The Charlestown Club Is a Moral Compass for Kids Past, Present, and Future

For nearly 125 years, the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club has been a place where neighborhood kids could go after school…a place to grab a snack, get help with homework, and hang out with friends. A place where parents know that their children are safe and cared for, and stay out of trouble.

The same held true for Ian. As a teen, Ian went to the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club for fun. He never knew that it would play such an important role in his life.
He recognizes now he may have started hanging with not the best crowd when he started high school. While his friends weren’t necessarily getting into trouble, they also weren’t being productive. He knew that if he wanted to attend college, he would need to avoid getting into trouble. Ultimately, the Club became a “buffer” from the trouble on the streets.

A star basketball player at Charlestown High School, Ian found time to come to the Club after practice to complete his homework, improve his game in the gym, and then attend College Club. Staff member Maureen was a great influence on him and encouraged him to apply to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. Back then, Ian explained, his high school had only one guidance counselor, and no one from his high school really considered applying to college out of state because it was beyond anything they knew.

Still, Maureen encouraged Ian to apply to Skidmore and contact the basketball coach. She also helped him with his essays and navigate the financial aid and scholarship process.

Ian was accepted. He loved Skidmore and succeeded academically, socially, and athletically. He would never have even applied were it not for Maureen’s consistent guidance and support.

Ian graduated from Skidmore and later attended New England Law. He is now an attorney at Prince Lobel, a Boston law-firm. He and his wife live in Charlestown, and Ian sits on the Club’s Advisory Board.

He’s proud that the Club is still “the moral compass” for so many kids in Charlestown. “I’m glad I can give back to a place that matters so much to me, and continues to be there for the future generations of Boston’s kids.”