For this class, graduation is an EPIC event


“In the coming days, Danavian Jones will stand before his classmates at Boston’s Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School and deliver a spoken-word performance. Called “A Troubled Story,” it describes the eighth-grader’s struggle to understand his place in the world.

“I used to think my life was a tragedy,” it reads. “I wished I was a prince so I was called your majesty.”

A year ago, Jones probably wouldn’t have taken the time to write such a personal piece, he said. But as he graduated Tuesday from a new program for at-risk students, Jones had gained a self-assurance and focus he didn’t know he had.

Jones was among 46 students in the inaugural class of Enhancing Potential, Inspiring Change, known as EPIC, which seeks to build confidence in children ages 11 to 14.”

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Pictured: Danavian Jones, J’layah Porcher, and Niangelinette Torres at the EPIC graduation (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)