Gifts in Memory

Gifts dated between July 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston gratefully acknowledges the following donors, who provided essential support in memory of a loved one. This list includes all gifts and pledges made between July 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020.

To learn more about making a memorial gift, please click here.


In Memory of Angel

Mr. William Rutherford

In Memory of Marc Bernier


In Memory of Joseph L. Burgoyne

Mr. Christopher Burgoyne

In Memory of Nate Cavallo

Mr. James Cavallo

In Memory of Anna Charles

Ms. Maureen Alphonse-Charles and Dr. Jean-Bernard Charles

In Memory of Arthur Choo

Ms. Chloe Manning

In Memory of Frederic C. Church Sr.

Mrs. Gale Guild

In Memory of Robert B. Cleary Sr.

Mr. Griffith Winthrop

In Memory of Susan M. Connolly

Ms. Sarah May Clarkson

In Memory of Alberto Di Paola

Mrs. Ruth A. Cohen

In Memory of Richard M. Doherty

Mr. Brad Brinegar

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Maloney

In Memory of Joe Dunlap

Mrs. Kristen Maxwell

In Memory of Anne E. Edwards

MVS Molding, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sneider

In Memory of Jack Alan Effenson

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Butzel

Ms. Barbara R. Green

Ms. Jacqueline Husid

Mr. and Mrs. Brian McKeon

Ms. Cynthia Sachs

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tripolsky

In Memory of Daniel Egan

Nuance Communications

Mr. Harold Vance

In Memory of Majel Aurora Errante

Ms. Marsha O’Donnell

In Memory of Rose Falzone

Ms. Catherine Falzone

In Memory of Ross Farrar

Includes unrestricted gifts as well as gifts to the Scott Farrar Memorial Fund that supports summer camperships, enabling deserving Club members to discover new interests, develop new skills, and make memories that will last a lifetime through BGCB’s summer camp experience.


Ms. Gabriella Jack

Ms. Sheila Connors Leduc

Mr. Daniel Lyons

Tom and Elena Matlack

In Memory of Scott W. Farrar

Includes gifts to the Scott Farrar Memorial Fund that supports summer camperships, enabling deserving Club members to discover new interests, develop new skills, and make memories that will last a lifetime through BGCB’s summer camp experience.

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hosmer

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Schneller

In Memory of 1st Lt. Andrew G. First, USMC

Mr.* and Mrs. Robert A. First Jr.

In Memory of Gilbert Fishman

Mr. and Mrs. Aron Ain

Mr. Brian Albert

Ms. Patricia Allen

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Ellen Blumenthal

Mr. Ronald C. Curhan

Ms. Adrienne Davis-Brody


Paul and Sandy Edgerley

Fisher Hill Association, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Fishman

Patricia J. Gannon

Jan E. Goldstein and Garrett T. Van Siclen Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gordon

Ms. Heather Kay Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Johnson

LaVoie Health Science

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Oates

Mr. Michael Persons

Ms. Monica Renta

Mr. Arthur I. Segel and The Honorable Patti B. Saris

Elizabeth and Christopher Shearer

Torrey Design

Mr. Carl Youngman

In Memory of Joan Flagg

Mr. Roger W. Lacy

In Memory of Benjamin Snyder Green

John Green and Kathleen Snyder

In Memory of Jeffrey A. Greenberg

Includes unrestricted gifts as well as gifts to the Jeffrey A. Greenberg Passion Fund which provides stipends for experts or artists in residence at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston so Club members can discover and grow their own individual passions.


Mr. Bradley Braunstein

Ms. Ellen DiPaola

Google, Inc.

Ms. Kristin Peters

The Weisberg Family

Mrs. Barbara B. Wolfe

In Memory of Sean P. Hall

Juliann and Tom Daley

In Memory of John Hansen and Henry C Hansen Jr.

Mr. Jon Shuttle

In Memory of John U. Harris Jr.

Includes unrestricted gifts as well as gifts to our Unrestricted Endowment.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Greeley

Mr. and Mrs. John U. Harris III

Mrs. Marie Harris

In Memory of Kathryn Heller Speert

Dr. Nancy Speert Slater and Alan Millner

In Memory of Tommy Hovey

Jane Hovey

In Memory of Isaiah Janes

Mr. Lincoln Janes and Mrs. Emaan Karamatullah Janes

The RMR Group LLC

In Memory of Charlie Kenney

CB Richard Ellis- Kenney/Farley Foundation

CBRE-New England

In Memory of Anita Kornbliet

Mrs. Ruth A. Cohen

In Memory of Myra Hiatt Kraft

Includes unrestricted gifts as well as gifts to the Myra H. Kraft Giving Back Scholarship Fund which recognizes Club members who give their time and talents to the community and instills in young people an understanding of the importance of community service for generations to come.

Mr. Derek Aframe

Alan & Esther Fleder Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Aronson

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Aronson

Mr. Joseph L. Barry Jr.

Marilyn Sargon Brier

Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce Donoff

Ms. Janice M. Fiandaca

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence B. Gagne

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Goddard II

Mr. Daniel L. Goldberg

Ms. Carol Goldfarb

Mr. Stacey T. James

Ms. Kelly Lannan

Shelagh Mahoney-McNamee and Joseph McNamee

Dr. Anthony Massaro

Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGinnis

Mr. Fredrick Metters

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation Giving Fund

Brian Moynihan and Susan Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Murphy

Nelson Family Foundation

Mr. Jeffery Pash

Amy and John Phelan

Ms. Miriam Rosenblatt

Mr. and Mrs. William Scalzulli

Mr. David J. Sloane

The Webber Family

Katie and Marshall Wolf

In Memory of Hannah Levertov

Ms. Laurie Gordy

In Memory of Cliff McDonald

Ms. Jane E. McDonald

In Memory of Kevin Morrissey

Ms. Susan Morrissey

In Memory of Tim Mulhall

Ms. Tara Mulhall

In Memory of James Robert O’Connor

Ms. Casey Gelcich

In Memory of Christine O’Sullivan

Ms. Catherine O’Sullivan

In Memory of James O’Sullivan

Action Floor Systems

Ms. Christine Bath

Mr. Eric Jones

Mr. John Nivision

Ms. Catherine O’Sullivan

David, Michele, and Carrie Price

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Puleo

Ms. Eleanor Tankel

Mr. Stephen Tankel

In Memory of Mark Robbins

Mrs. Marie Harris

In Memory of Manuel Roque

Mrs. Bernadette Castellanos

In Memory of Bernie Rubin

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schultz

In Memory of William J. Ryan

Cambridge Public Schools and City of Cambridge

Ms. Franca Richard

In Memory of Janet Shapiro

Mr. Daniel S. Lebowitz

In Memory of Edwin and Nancy Silda

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Crowley

In Memory of Venkataiah Singaram

Mr. Venkatramana Singaram

In Memory of Benjamin Sklaver

Ms. Dana C. Gustafson

In Memory of Edward G. Souza

Ms. Thelma Simone

In Memory of James Sullivan

Mr. Robert Dwyer

In Memory of Hannah Weiss

Ms. Dani Baronofsky

Mr. Benjamin Epstein

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

In Memory of John P. and Elizabeth S. Weitzel

Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Weitzel

In Memory of Jane Wolchonok

Ms. Kathryn Bacastow

Ms. Ellen G. Bronfeld

Brookline Bank

Ms. Jane Dembling

Ms. Barbara Feigan

Mr. Ralph Hirsch

Ms. Stacey Mandelbaum

Ms. Mary McDonald

Ms. Jeanette Samo

Mr. Sam Sinclair

*Denotes deceased


In Memory of Robert B. Cleary Sr.

Peter G. and Meghan C. Hamilton

In Memory of George Floyd

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston stands in solidarity with the people and communities in our state, country, and beyond who continue to bear the physical, emotional, and economic effects of racism.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hampton

Mr. Ryan Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Maltz

Ms. Amanda Redden

Ms. Emily Seeberg

In Memory of Marvin Morgan

Gore Lietzke Group


In Memory of Brigette Ahearn

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

In Memory of Charlene Allwood

Ms. Joanne Gould

Massachusetts State Association of Emblem Clubs

Ms. Barbara A. O’Keefe

Ms. Geraldine P. Simmons

William Burton & Co., Inc.

In Memory of Jacqueline Austin

Mr. Ken McCarthy

 In Memory of Paul A. Barringer

Mr. William J. Barrett

Ms. Faith Barringer

Mr. Robert Brown

Mr. William B. Carstenson

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. DiCara

Ms. Rota Finn

Mr. Michael Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Henry

Mr. Roger Hughes

Mr. Kevin G. Kenneally

Law Offices of Eugene Skowronski

Letha M. Smith Trust

Mr. and Mes. John O’Brien

Ms. Nancy Reimer

Mrs. Alison Rodilosso

Sally A. O’Neill Revocable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Simeral

Ms. Jane Welch

Ms. Barbara B. Wise

Ms. Margaret A. Wiseman

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Yates

In Memory of Gregory Bertolino

Ms. Nanette Battista

Boston Tenant Coalition, Inc.

Charlestown Mothers Association, Inc.

Committee to Elect Ayanna Pressley

Mr. K. C. Foley

Ms. Beth Healy

Joyce Strategies

Ms. Elizabeth Murray

Mr. Jesse Purvis

Mr. Salvatore Santuccio

In Memory of J. Dennis “Denny” Borden

Mr. James F. Borden

Ms. Jennifer C. Borden

Mr. Donald P. Doenges

Mr. Daniel Guarente

Jerry Steimel

In Memory of Michael Butler

Bank of America

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Burke

Ms. Anita Doucet

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin S. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. O’Brien Jr.

Ms. Michelle Schofield

USPS Greater Boston District Safety

In Memory of James Castaldini

Mr. William J. Barrett

Mr. Robert L. Depauw

Ms. Donna Kilburne

Ms. Mary F. Murphy

Ms. Cynthia Pasciuto

Mr. Steve Violette

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Whelan

In Memory of George M. Collier

The Cooperative Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Schoen

In Memory of Robert Collier

2007 NS Wings Hockey Team

Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Alperin

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Crowley

Mr. Robert L. Depauw

Mrs. Janice Devlin-Locke

Ms. Marian Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Dowd

Ms. Kathleen M. Dyer

Ms. Dorothy Egan

Everett Women’s Volleyball League

Mrs. Judith E. Evers

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

Mr. Scott D. Forbes

Mrs. Rebecca Harley

Mr. Benjamin Hoerner

Mr. Joseph F. Kelly

John Killoran

Knights of Columbus Bunker Hill Council #62

Mr. Henry Locke

Ms. Mary F. Mangraviti

Mr. and Mrs. James L. McGuirk

Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Schoen

Mr. Harold Vance

In Memory of Whitney Collings

Mr. Gerald Carmody

Ms. Janice Coburn

Ms. Patricia Fabri

Ms. Janice A. Guillet

Ms. Ariel Harrington

Ms. Sara Oliveri

Ms. Maureen Seluta

 In Memory of Charles E. Costello Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Greatorex

In Memory of Ed Cottier

Ms. Susan J. Bourget

Ms. Mary Morley

National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 34

In Memory of William Daniels

Ms. Joan M. Daniels

In Memory of Maureen C. DeRosa

Mr. Robert Hart

Ms. Corine Peach

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Tucker

In Memory of Gerard Doherty

Helen Chin Schlichte

In Memory of Helen Doherty

Mr. Paul Bono

Mr. Thomas F. Bono

Ms. Ashley Burvill

Mr. George H. Carney

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Conroy

Ms. Claire Logan

Ms. Mary Sexton

Ms. Kerry A. Stakem

Ms. Ellen Westfall

In Memory of Justeen Doherty

Atlantic Associates Appraisals

In Memory of Richard A. Doherty

From your friends at 649 Summer Street, South Boston

Verizon Foundation

In Memory of John “Zeke” Ezekiel

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Greatorex

In Memory of Jean Findlay

Mrs. Mary Ann Chase-Borden

Mr. Steven V. DeFilippo

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hogan

Mr. Maurice Jordan

Ms. Marie M. McCormack

Ms. Judith E. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. John Sousa

 In Memory of James F. Gallagher

Ms. Shannon K. Cullen

In Memory of Donald Edward Gilgunn

Estate of Donald Edward Gilgunn

Thomas Gilgunn Jr.

In Memory of Marilyn Goggin

Mr. William Corbett

Mr. William Goggin

Ms. Irene Murphy

In Memory of Richard T. Hagerty

Mrs. Mary Ann Chase-Borden

In Memory of Mary Harrington

Ms. Sarah A. Robinson

In Memory of Manuel W. Heckley

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kennedy

Longsjo Sunshine Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shea

In Memory of Brian Hingston

Ms. Tracey Lawler

In Memory of Mary Tom Joseph

Mrs. Kathleen Grzelcyk and Mr. John T. Grzelcyk

In Memory of Rita Kacvinsky


Area C6 Flower Fund

Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Cunha

Ms. Jacqueline Eatz

Ms. Diane Gallagher

Mrs. Lois M. Gallagher

Mr. William Spinney

Mr. Robert J. Warnock

In Memory of Thomas Keating

Ms. Jean M. Babcock

Ms. Maria Epsimos

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Jacqueline Keating

In Memory of Eugene Keegan

Mr. Robert L. Depauw

 In Memory of Jason P. Kelley

Ms. Carolyn Marie Hoey

Ms. Annette V. Kavanagh

Ms. Eileen M. Kirk

Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Lewis

Mr. Mark A. Wood

In Memory of Wally Landry

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

In Memory of Carl Mahoney

Mr. William Alves

Ms. Siobhan Daly

Ms. Annette Houde

Mr. Paul Johnson

Ms. Shannon Kaulenas

Mr. Mark Nolan

Ms. Gina O’Callahan

Mr. William L. O’Neill Jr.

Tripadvisor LLC

In Memory of Martha and John Marcella

Ms. Michelle Marcella

 In Memory of Laura A. Masiel

Ms. Debra Birt

Ms. Eileen M. Kirk

In Memory of Joan and Vincent McGee

Mr. Michael D. McGee

In Memory of John D. McGee

John M. Lacoi and Family

Redico Realty Trust

In Memory of Anne E. McGuirk

Ms. Mary Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cordy

Mr. Robert Hickey

Ms. Nancy Lombardo

Ms. Karen Lonergan

Ms. Elizabeth O’Neil

In Memory of Richard “Punchie” McLaughlin

Ms. Virginia Ergan

Knights of Columbus Bunker Hill Council #62

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. O’Brien Jr.

Mr. Troy Totten

 In Memory of Janes Robinson McNeil

Ms. Kerri Allen

Mr. Henry P. Bradley

Mr. Patrick J. Crann

Ms. Virginia M. Doe

Ms. Margaret Doherty

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Diane Gallagher

Ms. Briana McNeil

Mr. Gary McNeil

Ms. Margaret T. Sindoris

In Memory of Ryan J. Morrissey

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Doherty Jr.

In Memory of William P. Morrissey

Falconi Realty Co., LLC

FHLBank Boston

Mr. Mark Gallagher

Mr. Robert J. Hardiman

Mr. Edward Hjerpe

Ms. J. Barbara Magnuson

McNamara Insurance Brokerage

Mr. and Mrs. Dana Miskell

Mr. Gerald T. Mulligan

Mr. John D. Parry

Helen Chin Schlichte

Mrs. Jennifer Squeglia and Mr. Paul J. Squeglia

Ms. Patricia Squeglia

Mr. Daniel Wilson

In Memory of Linda Murray

Ms. Carolyn Marie Hoey

Mr. and Mrs. James F. McLaughlin Jr.

Ms. Sara A. Walker

Pat Wood

In Memory of Francis Michael O’Rourke

Ms. Arlene Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kashner

In Memory of John O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sweeney

In Memory of Michael Patterson

Mrs. Kathleen Grzelcyk and Mr. John T. Grzelcyk

 In Memory of Robert “Bobby” Pieper

Ms. Maria D’Itria

Ms. Dianne Gould

Harvard Kent School

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Macauley

Mr. John Malone

Ms. Linda Manzo

Ms. Michele E. Markley

Mr. Andrew Medeiros

Peddocks Island Association

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Semino

In Memory of John J. Roche

CrowdLending, Inc.

Mr. Edward Kelly

Mr. Thomas Slivinski

Wakefield Knights of Columbus

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whelton

In Memory of Miranda Rodriguez

Ms. Maria Murray

In Memory of Donald Samuelson

Ms. Christine M. Desjardin

Ms. Laureen Florio

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lewis Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Litalien

Ms. Geraldine Martin

Ms. Nicole M. Ruprecht

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Russo

Mr. David J. Samuelian

Mrs. Lois Samuelson

Ms. Sarah E. Williamson

In Memory of Robert Seaton

Ms. Leslie Seaton Malis and Mr. Andrew G. Malis

In Memory of Stephen Smith

Mr. Michael Campbell

Mrs. Lauren Collier

Ms. Cathleen Daley

Ms. Julia Dillon

In Memory of Richard J. Stimpson

Ms. Vanessa Aukshunas

Ms. Mary R. Brennan

Ms. Kate Donnelly

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gadourey

IBEW Local 1505

Mass. Electric Construction Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McAdams Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve McCartin

Mrs. Mary A. Roche and Mr. Joseph W. Roche Jr.

Mr. Paul T. Spelman

Mr. Richard M. Stimson and Mrs. Linda M. Stimpson

Mr. Jamie Underwood

Verizon Foundation

In Memory of Francis Tucker

Mr. Thomas Tucker

In Memory of Richard K. Upham

Ms. Sarah Stowers

In Memory of Billy Wadman

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

Mrs. Lois M. Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Juhola

Ms. Kathleen Locke

Ms. Helen Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. John Randazzo

In Memory of Mike Walsh

Ms. Paula Connors

Mr. and Mrs. Ronan J. Fitzpatrick

Mrs. Maureen Lee and Mr. Kenneth Lee

Mr. Rob Melendy

In Memory of Catherine Webster

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Anastasiades

Ms. Mary F. Bowes

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Devlin

Ms. Carol A. Gallagher

Mr. Robert P. Gould Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Holden

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Jennings

Ms. Susan Kline

Mr. Joseph P. Langan Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William Perry

In Memory of Chris Wilkins and Richard L. Wilkins

Ms. Clare Wilkins


In Memory of Jack E. Aiguier

Ms. Cindy Aiguier Milford

Mr. Dean Aiguier

In Memory of Mary Binda

Mr. Christopher Burns

Mr. James E. Cooney

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Norton Jr.

Mr. Luke Pareigis

Mr. Edward Vahey

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Walsh

In Memory of John T. Carter

Mr. John T. Carter Jr.

In Memory of Helen Pano Dhimitri

Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Duvall Jr.

Harry Duvall

Ms. Frances C. Michalski

Ms. Patricia Orton

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaw

Mrs. Phyllis Stavris

Ms. Kathleen Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Talluto

In Memory of James A. Hurley Sr.

Mr. Gary Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drane

Mrs. Anne K. Esterhill

Girl Scouts of Massachusetts Inc., Norton Troop

Ms. Elizabeth Gould

Ms. Barbara Heffernan

Mr. Thomas O’Brien

Mr. James F. O’Leary

Barbara Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rebello

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Regan

Ms Kathleen Vuono

Ms. Patrice Weststrate

In Memory of Kimberly S. Jones

Includes unrestricted gifts as well as gifts to the Kim Jones Memorial Fund which supports scholarships for girls, music programming, and educational travel.

Mr. Michael J. Feehily III

Ms. Mary K. Guy

Mr. Robert W. Luiso

Mr. Michael Nelligan

Ms. Kathleen O’Sullivan

Jim and Ross

State Street Matching Gift Program

Ms. Kathryn Sweeney

Mr. James Wittebol

In Memory of Frances LaPaglia

South Boston Community Health Center, Inc.

In Memory of Paul R. Martin

Ms. Alexa Beil

Ms. Rosemarie Carey

Ms. Kara Connor

William F. Connor and Karen Connor

In Memory of Ann W. McCormick

Pattie McCormick

In Memory of Helen McCormick

Pattie McCormick

In Memory of Richard McCormick

Pattie McCormick

In Memory of Claire R. O’Brien

Ms. Elizabeth Harling

Mrs. Ann MacNeil

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mancuso

Ms. Susan White

In Memory of James Robert O’Connor

Mr. Anthony P. Lubrano

In Memory of Ann Pano

Ms. Frances C. Michalski

Ms. Janet Pfeiffer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaw

Ms. Kathleen Sullivan

In Memory of Thomas Pyne

Ms. Kelly Pyne

In Memory of John J. Ridge

Ms. Carrick

In Memory of Scott Salman

Jen Salman

In Memory of Ruth and William Tehan

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin V. Symmons

In Memory of Mark J. Wolff

Mrs. Nancy M. Wolff


In Memory of Lawrence H. Centrella

Lisa M. Gillis

Janice G. Halpern

Elizabeth and Christopher Shearer

Bailey and Sean Snyder

In Memory of Ann Floyd

LeeAnn and Geoff Manning

In Memory of Joan T. Mitrowski

Ms. Susan E. Gallant, CPA

Ms. Kathleen A. Ray

In Memory of Carmen C. Nieves-Flores

Ms. Dana Benjamin-Allen

Ms. Dawn M. Olson


In Memory of Tom Hart



In Memory of Briana J. Bigby

Ms. Beverly Adams-VanLandingham

Jay Corcoran Memorial Scholarship Foundation

Justice Resource Institute, Inc.

Ms. Regina Sullivan

In Memory of John Dragat

Lena New Boston

In Memory of Arthur J. Hurley

Arbella Insurance Foundation

Chisholm Insurance Agency, Inc.

In Memory of Charles Michael Scully

Ms. Patrice Scully

In Memory of Camille A. Shand

Yemi Osinubi

Kay and Peter Ridgard

In Memory of Andrew Swain Jr.

Janice G. Halpern

Robert and Patricia O’Neill

Elizabeth and Christopher Shearer


In Memory of Edmund Ansin

Ansin Foundation

Mr. Michael T. Gass, Esq.

Mr. David G. Mugar

In Memory of Mary and Bailey

Officer Gerard Bailey

In Memory of Bettie Gillot

Ms. Deborah Gill