“Hi, my name is Onyx”

“I’ve lived in Roxbury my entire life, and I’ve been coming to the Club there for four years. Most days, I head up to the music studio to work on music with my friends. Music has become a big part of my life. It helps me handle stress and express myself.

I’m not a socially confident person but I met another teen in the music studio and we became friends. Now we do everything together. The last two years we’ve played on stage at the Strand Theatre with the Boys & Girls Club. I didn’t feel comfortable being on stage alone but his presence made it possible. One year I played the drums and he did the piano. The next year we both rapped on stage. I’m thankful for his friendship but being friends and staying in touch is hard.

Freshman year he got into the Boston Arts Academy and I had a lot of work at Match so it became difficult to find time to spend together. But the Club provided a space for us to still be able to connect and keep our bond. This was important because we were going through some of the same things.

My parents divorced when I was 8 and life changed. I went from living the middle class life to the lower class. Life was not as stable and my relationship with my parents was strained. My friend could understand this situation. We listened to each other. We shared this connection. It’s been this way for all our teen years. We keep each other calm, focused, and positive.

I hope to be friends with him for a long time. Without him, I definitely would not have learned how to be a good friend.”