Meet BGCB’s 2021 Boston Marathon Team Fueled by Yasso

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Meet BGCB’s 2021 Boston Marathon Team
Fueled by Yasso

Get to know the team of runners who will be fundraising on behalf of Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston to participate in this year’s 2021 Boston Marathon. We look forward to cheering our team on as they cross the finish line on Monday, October 11, 2021!

Get to Know the Team:

Emily Bogan

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Hometown: Boston, MA

Why BGCB: BGCB’s Friend’s Council was the first time I intimately interacted with a non-profit. BGCB set a high bar and the people inspired me – I am in business school and working at a nonprofit this summer. I also made incredible friendships through the Friends Council and am running with Lauren, who I met at my first Friends Council event 5+ years ago. 

Training Music of Choice: Shots (Broiler Remix) – Imagine Dragons

Fun Fact: I have a brussels griffon named Truffles.

Mallory Boulter

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Hometown: I was born and raised in the U.K, and moved to Seattle at age 11. I went to grad school in Boston in 2008 and then spent 10 years in Boston (21-31) so I really consider Boston my hometown, but now am back in Seattle as of 2018!

Why BGCB: I’ve been a long-standing supporter of BGCB – through the Friends Council (previously co-chaired!) and have seen the amazing impact that BGCB has and continues to have on our youth and the community, especially now more than ever! From tutoring, to athletics, music, technology, healthy meals and a supportive uplifting community – it’s truly incredible to see how the clubs support our youth and teens. And it only costs families $25 a year, so I know how important fundraising is to the BGCB. The impact is so incredible and I’m so proud to be running for the Clubs! I continue to support from afar and am now also actively involved with the King County clubs out here in Seattle!

Training Music of Choice: Anything pop music from the 2000s — Britney, Backstreet Boys; you name it! That said my absolute favorite “end of run” song is Higher Love. Guaranteed there will be a lot of good tears from me crossing that finish line if that song is playing! Can’t wait.

Fun Fact: I am part Japanese (through my mom and her family!) and I just learned that I’m descended from female Samurais via my great grandmother. I thought that was so cool!

Kathleen Brower

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Hometown: I live in Boston now, but grew up north of Chicago.

Why BGCB: I’ve been on BGCB’s Friends Council the past few years and have also volunteered through Reebok/my employer. I’m very excited for the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon in the fall – further mixing fitness & fundraising for such a great cause!

Training Music of Choice: Higher Love by Kygo and Whitney Houston, I listened to this on repeat the last hour of my first marathon because I was nervous I wouldn’t like the next song. Haven’t been able to run without it since!

Fun Fact: I played on the men’s club hockey team in college.

Adam Comeau

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Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Why BGCB: I felt compelled to run by a visit to the Yawkey Club of Roxbury with Ambroz where I witnessed all the good work being done to keep all those smiling kids safe and happy in their community. It was also wonderful to learn how the families of these kids have come to rely on the Club for after school care. The staff do so much with so little to improve the lives of these kids. 

Training Music of Choice: I tend to listen to old-school House Music when I run. The four-to-the-floor beat keeps me going! 

Fun Fact: I ran the Paris marathon while living in New York and ran the New York marathon while living in Paris. 

Lauren Joullian

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Hometown: From Weston, MA and currently live in the Back Bay 

Why BGCB: My involvement with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I’m ecstatic for the opportunity to continue to support this incredible organization! I’ve been a weekly volunteer at Edgerley Family South Boston Club for over six years and am starting my second term as Co-Chair of the young professional group. I’ve witnessed first hand the incredible potential of our youth and the profound impact these clubs have on them. 

Training Music of Choice: Blessed by Avicii

Fun Fact: I have a golden retriever puppy named Duke who is my biggest fan!

Kristine McDavid

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Hometown: Sergeantsville NJ, but I’ve been in South Boston for 17 years and in Boston for 26!

Why BGCB: I have been part of the Artemis Circle’s leadership team for several years, and I had the opportunity to co-chair for 2 years.  I love the work BGCB does to support the kids in the Boston community, that combined with this amazing opportunity seemed like the perfect time to take on the challenge of the marathon.

Training Music of Choice: This is hard because I run in silence, I know, insane, who does that? But I do love the song Levitating right now by Dua Lipa.

Fun Fact: If you go to You Tube and search for Burke Family, Family Feud you can see my family win the feud in the 90’s.

Kelsey McGowan

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Hometown: South Boston

Why BGCB: Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston helps create opportunities and empower the youth in my community. As a female engineer I appreciate the work BGCB does to help children realize their full potential and know all they are capable of. 

Training Music of Choice: Take a Chance on Me – Mamma Mia Version

Fun Fact: 6 miles was the longest I had ever run before starting to train for the Boston Marathon!

Julia Starr

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Hometown: Burlington, CT

Why BGCB: BGCB has been a part of my family for many years, spanning back to my grandparents! Anything to help the kids! It also doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend is part of the BGCB community as well. 

Training Music of Choice: Lose Control – MEDUZA 

Fun Fact: I’ve only been running since March of 2020 and this is now my 2nd marathon!