Catherine T. Morris
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston Hall of Fame Inductee, 2022

Catherine T. Morris, a Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club alumna, is the Founder & Artistic Director, BAMS Fest (Boston Art & Music Soul Festival) and Director of Arts & Culture, The Boston Foundation.

It is Catherine’s hope that BAMS Fest becomes a pipeline to Boston’s arts and culture ecosystem and creative economy in a manner that minimizes implicit bias, closes the racial wealth gap, inspires hope, and positively impacts the livelihoods of future creatives. She is a mother, entrepreneur, and visionary, who works at the intersection of arts, culture and creative place keeping. Over the last 20 years, Catherine has created platforms that amplify Black creatives, as well as mobilized and engaged local audiences to experience the arts.

Catherine is a 2018 National Art Strategies Creative Community Fellow (The Barr Foundation) and has served on grant review panels for the Cambridge Arts Council, The Lewis Prize for Music, and the Boston Neighborhood Fellowship (The Boston Foundation). Catherine attended Temple University School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management and received her Masters of Science from Simmons University.

Catherine T. Morris

Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club alumna