Executive Leadership

Robert Lewis, Jr.

Nicholas President and CEO

Kelli Folger

Chief People Officer

Dawn Curtis Hanley

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Kennealy

Senior Advisor & Chief Strategy Officer

Nathan Kuder

Chief Financial Officer

Kimberly Lubin

Chief Advancement Officer

Brian Bicknell

Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Swain

Chief Impact Officer

Club Leadership

Rick Aggeler

Director, Mattapan Teen Center

Kevan Barton

Executive Director, YouthConnect

Gina Centrella

Kraft Family Executive Director, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club

Josh Davis

Executive Director, Edgerley Family South Boston Club

Alisa R. Drayton

Executive Director, Yawkey Club of Roxbury

Derek Gallagher

Executive Director, Charlestown Club

Felisha Lewis

Director, Orchard Gardens Club

Ashley Simpson

Director, Franklin Hill Club

Carl Thompson

Executive Director, Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club

Senior Leadership

  • Elizabeth Shearer, Senior Director, Governance & Board Engagement, eshearer@bgcb.org
  • Richard Ward, Associate Vice President, Government Relations & Community Engagement, rward@bgcb.org
  • Nate Warren, Senior Director, Individual Giving, nwarren@bgcb.org
  • Fiamma Zamori, Senior Director, Development Operations, fzamori@bgcb.org
  • Al Zarthar, Senior Director of Facilities and Maintenance, azarthar@bgcb.org

Board Leadership

  • Melissa Weiner Janfaza
    Chair of the Board of Directors
    Community Leader
  • Michele Courton Brown
    Vice Chair
    Chief Talent Equity Officer
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Dave Johnson
    Immediate Past Chair 
    Advisory Partner
    Bain & Company 
  • Robert Lewis, Jr.
    Nicholas President and CEO
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston
  • In Memoriam  
    Myra Hiatt Kraft 
    Chair Emerita
  • Maureen Alphonse-Charles
    Senior Vice President of Talent, Diversity, and Equity
    Koya Partners
  • Andrew G. Arnott
    President and CEO
    John Hancock Investments
  • Lynn I. Bogle
    Community Leader
  • Emily J. Brown
    Community Leader
  • Joseph P. Campanelli
    Chief Executive Officer
    Needham Bank
  • James A. Canfield
    Executive Managing Director
    Newmark | McCall/Almy
  • Miceal Chamberlain Jr.
    Massachusetts President
    Bank of America
  • Petrina Martin Cherry
    Vice President, Community Engagement and External Affairs
    Boston Medical Center
  • Collette Chilton
    Retired Chief Investment Officer
    Williams College 
  • Kevin Churchwell, M.D.
    President and
    Chief Executive Officer
    Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Robert B. Cleary Jr.
    Senior Vice President
    Colliers International
  • Mariana Prado Cogan
    CMO Americas
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence 
  • Roxann C. Cooke
    Regional Director – Banking
    JPMorgan Chase
  • Stacy Cowan
    Founder and CEO
    SLC Advisory Services
  • Jonathan G. Davis
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    The Davis Companies
  • Sandra M. Edgerley
    Hexagon Properties
  • Mark R. Epker
    Founder and Principal
    Vantage Real Estate LLC
  • William P. Gelnaw Jr.
    Co-Managing Partner
    Choate, Hall & Stewart, LLP
  • Vicary M. Graham
    Regional President of
    Wealth Management
    BNY Mellon
  • Drew Harrington
  • Cain A. Hayes
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Donna K. Hazard
    General Partner
  • Patricia R. Herring
    Community Leader
  • Joseph L. Hooley
    Retired Chairman and CEO
    State Street Corporation
  • Bruce N. Jacobs
    Chief Financial Officer
    Kymera Therapeutics 
  • Patricia Jacobs
    Retired Regional President – Northern Region
  • Sarah Kim
    Deputy Treasurer and General Counsel
    Office of the State Treasurer and
    Receiver General
  • Joshua A. Klevens
    Local Advisory Board Chair, YouthConnect
    Managing Director
    Charlesbank Capital Partners
  • Brian J. Knez
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
    Castanea Partners
  • Michael A. Krupka
    Bain Capital Ventures
  • Richard D. Lassen
    Deloitte & Touche, LLP
  • Michael F. Mahoney
    Chairman and CEO
    Boston Scientific
  • Shelagh E. Mahoney-McNamee
    Eastern Salt Company
  • Elena M. Matlack
    Community Leader
  • W. Onnie Mayshak
    Managing Director
    Proficio Capital Partners
  • John D. McEvoy
    Managing Partner
    Neponset Bay Capital
  • David J. McGrath
    Wells Dog & Cat Hospital
  • Quincy L. Miller
    President and Vice Chair
    Eastern Bank 
  • Edvaldo Morata
    Chief Executive Officer
    Cambridge Family Enterprise Group
  • Janice Morris
    Retired Executive Vice President
    Fidelity Investments
  • Brian T. Moynihan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Bank of America
  • John A. Nadas
    Vice President, Litigation
    GE Aerospace
  • Farhad Nanji
    MFN Partners
  • Thomas J. Niedermeyer Jr.
    The Office of Thomas J.
    Niedermeyer Jr.
  • Femi Obi
  • Saul J. Pannell
    Retired Partner and SVP
    Wellington Management Company
  • Randy Peeler
    Senior Advisor
    Berkshire Partners, LLC
  • Bryan Rafanelli
    Chief Creative Officer
    Rafanelli Events Management
  • Laura C. Reynolds
    Community Leader
  • Mary Skelton Roberts
    Chief Executive Officer
    Philanthropy MA
  • Paul J. Rooney
    Managing Partner
    EBS Insurance Brokers, Inc.
  • Thomas (Tom) Seeman
    Private Equity Investor
  • Greg A. Shell
    Goldman Sachs
  • Robert J. Small
    Managing Director
    Berkshire Partners, LLC
  • Dana Smith
    Community Leader
  • Jane Steinmetz
    Managing Partner
  • R. Gregg Stone III
    Kestrel Management, LLC
  • Kenneth Turner
    President and CEO
    Massachusetts Life Sciences Center 
  • Richard A. Voke, Esq.*
    Law Office of Richard A. Voke
  • Herbert S. Wagner III
    Managing Partner
    Finepoint Capital
  • Frank V. Wisneski Jr.
    Retired Partner and SVP
    Wellington Management Company
Asterisks (*) indicate a deceased member of our board.
  • Fred Fairfield
    Local Advisory Board Chair
    Yawkey Club of Roxbury
  • Zach Flechtner
    Local Advisory Board Co-Chair
    Edgerley Family South Boston Club
  • Joakeem Gaston
    Local Advisory Board Chair
    Josh Kraft Mattapan Teen Center
  • Josh Kraft
    Local Advisory Board Chair
    Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club 
  • Keith Marion
    Local Advisory Board Chair
    Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club
  • Tim Rogers
    Local Advisory Board Co-Chair
    Edgerley Family South Boston Club
  • Ian Urquhart
    Local Advisory Board Chair
    Charlestown Club
  • Anita Bekenstein
    Community Leader
  • Laurence S. Chud, M.D.
    Faculty, Harvard Medical School
    Faculty & Supervisor
    Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis
  • Frederic C. Church Jr.
    Senior Consultant
    Albert Risk Management Consultants
  • John M. Connors Jr.
    Camp Harbor View Foundation
  • John F. Fish
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.
  • Terrence B. Gagne
    Retired Chief Financial Officer
    Pine Street Inn
  • Ogden M. Hunnewell
    Co-Founder and President,
    Nordic Properties, Inc.
    Director and Partner,
    Nordblom Company
  • Durant A. Hunter
    Ridgeway Advisors LLC
  • Jeffrey F. Jones
    Retired Counsel
    Williams College
  • Darlene L. Jordan
    Executive Director
    Gerald R. Jordan Foundation
  • Timothy Leland
    Retired Vice President
    The Boston Globe
  • John D. Macomber
    Harvard Business School
  • Christopher J. McKown
    Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
    Iora Health
  • Kevin C. Phelan
    Colliers International
  • Helen Chin Schlichte
    President Emerita
    South Cove Manor Nursing and
    Rehabilitation Center
  • John D. Spooner
    Managing Director
    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Inc.
  • Stephen G. Woodsum
    Summit Partners
  • LeeAnn Manning
    Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Tommy Amaker
  • Charles Anderson, M.D.
  • Michael C. Ascione
  • Sherri Athanasia  
  • Phyllis Barajas
  • Brooke Bartletta
  • Javier N. Bellini
  • Jeffrey Bellows
  • Marques E. Benton
  • Geoffrey T. Bernstein
  • James T. Berylson
  • Joseph R. Betancourt, M.D., MPH 
  • Jeffrey C. Bloomberg
  • Joseph Boyland
  • Naisha Z. Bradley
  • Catherine O. Cantillon
  • John Capone 
  • Susan C. Carrabes
  • Vetto Casado
  • Suzanne H. Chick
  • Rena F. Clark
  • Veronica Conforme
  • Terence A. Connell
  • Michael F. Connolly
  • James Coughlin
  • Christine Crawford, M.D., MPH 
  • Michael Curry, Esq. 
  • Joel E. Cutler
  • Kevin G. DaSilva
  • Dennis R. Delaney
  • Craig Dillon
  • Michael DiMella
  • Bradford R. Dunn
  • William A. Earon
  • Oliver Evans  
  • David P. Fialkow
  • David Frisch
  • Juliette M. Galicia
  • Alison I. Glover
  • Peter G. Hamilton
  • Derek J. Hennessey
  • Weston Howland
  • Jill M. Inches
  • Gregory B. Janey
  • Lauren Joullian 
  • Brian T. Keane
  • Sonja Kelly
  • Kevin S. Kelly
  • Roger L. Krakoff
  • Kevin J. Leary
  • Grace Lee 
  • Patrick A. T. Lee
  • Andrea P. Leers
  • Lauren Phelan Lipscomb
  • Lazaro Lopez
  • Molly Macleod
  • Eustacia Reidy MacNaught 
  • Marc Margulies
  • Keith Marion
  • Carolina M. Martignetti
  • Kevin P. Martin Jr.
  • Mary Ann R. Mattoon
  • Richard J. McCready
  • Makeeba McCreary, EdD
  • Joseph P. McKeever
  • Stephen Mead
  • Mary Jo Meisner
  • Shellee Mendes  
  • Jean K. Mixer
  • Matthew Monkiewicz
  • William K. Moran
  • J. Keith Motley, PhD
  • Mary Beth Moynihan
  • Marion M. Mussafer
  • Robert A. O’Neill
  • Steven V. Popeo
  • Steven W. Powell
  • Brian Powers
  • Richard P. Quinlan
  • Peter Riehl
  • Dan Rivera
  • Richard P. Robinson
  • Timothy J. Rogers
  • Daniel E. Ronan
  • Frank Roop
  • Mark Rosenshein
  • Holly Safford
  • Jeremy M. Sclar
  • Jack Sebastian
  • Alan Sebulsky
  • Nancy S. Slater, M.D., MSW
  • Susan Florence Smith
  • Michael P. Stansky
  • Donald J. Steiner
  • Meredith A. Stoddard
  • Eric Svenson  
  • Patrick J. Sweeney
  • David T. Thibodeau
  • Bob Traina
  • Karen L. Tucker
  • Diana Ubiñas
  • Ian M. Urquhart
  • J. Tommy Vaughn
  • Lisa Vazquez 
  • Donna Venegas
  • Michelle Vilms
  • Karen Voci
  • Brian J. Walsh
  • John D. Walsh
  • Marc A. White Jr.
  • Theodore Winston
  • Ashley Wisneski
  • Janelle Woods-McNish
  • Michael A. Yoken
  • Jack F. Agnew
  • Sara J. Andrews
  • Richard L. Church
  • Lois M. Gallagher
  • Gerald R. Jordan
  • Joan D. Lovejoy
  • Kay G. Lyons
  • Judith A. Malone
  • Arthur McGinnes
  • Michael J. McHugh
  • William L. McMahon 
  • Michael Mitchell
  • Robert D. Monahan 
  • Kurt F. Somerville 
  • Donald K. Stern
  • Joseph E. Swan
  • Damian Wilmot