Howard Bunkley
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston Hall of Fame Inductee

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston Hall of Fame celebrates a tradition of positive influence and impact across the communities of Boston and Chelsea. Inductees are individuals who have gone on to make important contributions in their field, are role models of exemplary service to their community, and continue to have a positive impact on their Club.

About Howard:

A major milestone in the story of the Chef’s Club was the arrival of Howard “Chef Howie” Bunkley in 1963.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of Amer­ica, Chef Howie started out as an instructor at the Charlestown Club where he taught classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In 1964, Chef Howie started making visits to the Roxbury Club on Wednesdays. By 1968, he was running Chef’s Club classes at all three Clubs.

He gave tests and spelling bees related to food prepa­ration, and engaged members on a personal level. He was much more than a cooking coach. Chef Howie continued his work at the Clubs over a period of 36 years before retiring in 1995. He passed away the following year, at age 62. He left a legacy of young lives touched by his kindness, passion and genuine concern for the children to whom he gave so much more than a cooking lesson.

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Howard Bunkley

Former BGCB staff member