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I have a new sense of value, better judgment, and a clearer idea of what I want out of life. The Club did this for me. It was a place to do my homework, become involved in activities, make new friends, and socialize. I... — Emily, age 17

The Club is a great place for me; it helped me change my ways and perception. The Club has helped me boost my self esteem. I volunteer countless hours in the kitchen, cooking, washing dishes, and keeping our Club members... — Jakila, age 13

The Jordan Club is a place where I feel completely at home. It has provided me with many opportunities that I feel have changed my life and will continue to do so. There have been many times that I've been told that I m... — Claudia, age 18

All of the Charlestown Club activities challenged me in one way or another. They helped build my confidence, forced me to understand the importance of teamwork, and at the very least, kept me busy and off the streets. To... — Corey, alumna

The Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club is between two housing developments, it was one place where you could have kids from both of those housing developments come, hang out, have a good time together. Outside the Club, you'd h... — Keishan, alumnus

I've been a member of the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club since I was six years old. Being a member of the Club gives me a quiet place to do my homework after school. I learned most of what I know about computers at the Cl... — Hector, age 14

I feel like I have grown a lot as a person because of the Club. I've learned that you shouldn't hold grudges; that people have faults and you shouldn't judge them. I've learned to forgive, and to value what makes each of... — Kayla, age 9

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