Safe Place

Our Clubs are strategically located in neighborhoods with pronounced need throughout the city of Boston and Chelsea. 89% of members feel safe when they're at the Club.

Passionate Staff

Our caring youth development professionals serve as positive role models to our members. 85% of members say there is one or more Club staff they would turn to in a crisis.

Enriching Programs

We thoughtfully design our activities to help members reach their full potential. BGCB also partners with nearly 300 community organizations to deliver eye-opening opportunities.

Hi, my name's Hector.

When I think about my childhood, I am sometimes surprised that I made it this far. Growing up in Charlestown was not very easy. Surrounded by gang violence, drugs, and decades-old racial animosity, it was not extremely difficult to fall through the cracks, to become another forgotten soul, sentenced to a life of constant struggle for survival. There is a very good chance that without the Boys & Girls Club, I would not be here.

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