Our Impact

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston is committed to helping the young people in our community succeed academically, live healthy lifestyles and practice good citizenship.

  • Academic Success
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Good Citizenship

Academic Success

Academic SuccessOur members are provided intentional evidence based academic opportunities that are developmentally appropriate, and receive the support of positive dedicated adults to meet their academic needs.

We offer daily homework help and have experienced tutors available to help those who are struggling gain the confidence they need to succeed.  We also offer evidence based programming that seeks to develop member’s literacy and STEM skills, in alignment with the Massachusetts academic state standards and 21st Century Skills.

Additionally, we offer targeted programs that build college and career readiness skills through one-to-one advising, SAT prep, and other workshops. Our academic programming is supported through partnerships with regular day time learning, and other out-of-school time non-profit organizations.

Healthy Lifestyles

HealthyLifestylesBoys & Girls Clubs of Boston recognizes the habits our members develop as children and teens may likely influence their choices and health into adulthood so we strive to make the healthy choice the easy choice for our members.

Our Clubs offer a variety of sports and recreational activities to keep children active. We also serve well-balanced, nutritious meals, and teach children about proper nutrition. In addition, our members benefit from regular health education provided by our Director of Healthy Lifestyles, Community Health Registered Nurse, as well as community partners.

We know that good health is dependent on a number of factors including nutrition, physical activity, sleep, positive relationships, mindfulness, hygiene and more. As such, Health360 is the term we use when describing our various health efforts, as well as our holistic approach to health.

Good Citizenship

GoodCitizenshipIn addition to supporting academic success and promoting healthy lifestyles, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston prioritizes cultivating good character and citizenship within our members. Our professional staff consistently model good character and create opportunities for our youth and teens to give back both at the Clubs and in the community at large.

Our nationally chartered Keystone Club programs for members ages 14-18 and Torch Club programs for members ages 11-13 inspire civic involvement, build strong character and develop informed, community conscious citizens.

Formula For Impact

Boys & Girls Clubs of America's theory of change is a blue-print for achieving long-term, large-scale goals like changing the lives of our members.

BGCB Impact Highlights

We are proud of the positive impact that we have on our Club members and invite you learn more in our annual impact report.