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Every day, we check in with staff from different Clubs who share activities for members across all age groups. Today’s list of activities includes Wellness Wednesday, painting, Pokémon, and a smART Talk.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Happy April Fool’s Day, and welcome to post #8 of Club at Home! Every day, we share content that brings Club programs, traditions, and staff into the homes of members. Our goal is to provide the same fun and educational activities to our Club members and families, even while Clubs are physically closed. 

Today, we check in with staff from our Clubs who share different activities for members across all age groups including Wellness Wednesday, painting, Pokémon, and a smART Talk.

Riddle of the Day
Courtesy of Jenna, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

For Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club teens, Teen Education Coordinator Skyler’s “Riddle of the Day” has become a fixture in day-to-day Club life. We’re excited to keep this tradition alive and bring brain teasers to the members and families of all Clubs as part of “Club at Home.”

Today’s Riddle: 

What is the best day for monkey business?

The answer to yesterday’s riddle: There are no stairs because it’s a one-story house.

Tune in tomorrow to see the answer and get a new riddle!  

Courtesy of Avyanie, Condon Club

Avyanie, Program Leader at Condon Club, walks you step by step through this tutorial on painting clouds and rainbows. Grab your art smock and supplies and follow along!

For ages 8 and up. 

Health & Wellness
Courtesy of Universal Healthcare, Clean Mama, and Tracey, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club of Chelsea

Being at home and breaking from our routines can challenge the good habits we have been forming. Here are two videos that show why it’s important to make healthy choices with what we are putting into our bodies. The first video shows us why it is valuable to stay hydrated throughout the day. Here is a printable water tracker from Clean Mama for you to make sure you are drinking enough water at home. Then Tracey, Culinary Manager at Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club, also shows us where and why she picks fresh produce.

For ages 6 to 10.

See what Tracey recommends eating in this video>>

Learning Center
Courtesy of Alexis, Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club

Word Search!

Pick a book – any book! It can be a book you’ve read many times or a new book, at any reading level. Once you have it, pick any letter from the alphabet. Then start reading, and go on a search for as many words beginning with the letter you chose. You can use your phone as a timer, starting with two minutes, and see how many words you can find beginning with your letter. Alexis loves using magazines and online articles, and also changing up the timer to challenge herself.

If you’re looking for more fun with words, Alexis recommends heading over to for more games! 

For ages 6-12.

Courtesy of Pianote and Music Mike, Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club

Music Mike, Creative Arts Director at Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club, hopes you have been taking the opportunity to listen to lots of music lately! While you listen, try to pay attention to the mood that you hear with any given song. It might be bright and happy, or dark and kind of sad. Maybe it’s epic or scary or uplifting. The mood in music mostly has to do with whether the song is in major or minor key.

MAJOR KEY usually sounds bright, happy, and triumphant like Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys. Listen to an example here.

MINOR KEY usually sounds dark, sad, and sometimes spooky like Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD. Listen to an example here (note: song contains mature themes).  

For more info, check out the video, and keep listening to see if you can tell whether you hear major or minor key!

For ages 10 and up.

Performing Arts
Courtesy of Georgia, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club

In this week’s smART Talk, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club Performing Arts Program Coordinator Georgia interviews Jazz, a Ballerina at the Ballet West Academy. Learn more about Jazz at!

For all ages.

Social Recreation
Courtesy of Dan, Charlestown Club

Join Charlestown Club’s Social Rec Manager Dan this week for Pokémon Wednesday as he covers the basics of Pokémon Cards.

Watch Dan’s demo for playing the free Pokemon TCG computer game>>

For ages 10 and up.

Also, Josh Kraft, Nicholas President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, would like to share some educational activities from the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

Click here for Patriots activities and worksheets>>

Courtesy of

What if you could improve your typing speed and accuracy while playing a game? It turns out, you can thanks to Practice your skills with games like Keyboard Ninja and Nitrotype! 

Click here to play fun typing games >>

For ages 10 and up.

Teen Center 
Courtesy of Hamza, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club 

For Wellness Wednesday, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club’s Smith Family Teen Program Manager Hamza gets creative and shows a simple way to get a great stretch and workout. Follow along below to learn some exercises that only require one thing: a staircase.

Also, a BONUS MATH RIDDLE from Skyler!

This year Ron is two years younger than twice the age of his sister Steph.  The sum of Ron’s age and three times the age of Steph is 43 years old,  the same age as their mother Jen.  How old are both Ron and Steph? 

Answer in white text: Ron is 16 years old, and Jen is 9 years old. 


A detailed list of other helpful resources for youth and caregivers can be found here. It includes a full list of learning resources and activities, resources for food access, financial relief funds, neighborhood support and more.  

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