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BGCB’s arts programs are offered to every member, ages 6 to 18, and include visual and performing arts, and a variety of outlets for members to showcase their work. These programs are designed to stimulate a variety of learning styles, emphasize creative discovery, and develop cultural awareness. Programming also exposes members to a broad range of arts, opening up creative possibilities for members who would not otherwise be able to access or afford art enrichment programs.

Visual Arts

Club art rooms are equipped with the supplies needed to explore the many different kinds of visual art, and can include drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, airbrushing, fabric art, and digital arts in collaboration with our technology departments.

Visual arts are an integral part of  the Club experience, and encourage members to embrace their creative side. Staff, volunteers, and guest artists teach members how to cultivate their interest and skill across a variety of different mediums. The breadth of the arts program exposes members to a variety of artists and techniques for creative expression, as well as opportunities to learn about different cultures through art.

Performing Arts

Each of BGCB’s freestanding Clubs has its own Performing Arts Center, where members can learn and rehearse how to perform various types of music, dance, and theater.

Clubs offer one-on-one music lessons, performance opportunities, and music technology programs. Members can also attend theater workshops and take dance classes, including ballet, Latin dance, hip-hop, tap, and jazz.

Putting the Hard Work on Display

This past spring, Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club members wrote and performed The White Snake. The play was about an ancient Chinese legend in which a snake spirit transforms into a woman to experience the human world.

Members, ages 6 to 12, from Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club, Charlestown Club, Edgerley Family South Boston Club, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club, and Yawkey Club of Roxbury were invited to participate in The Museum of Fine Art’s Community Arts Initiative. They worked with artist and educator Sneha Shrestha on Mindfulness Mandalas, a project that encouraged them to process thoughts and feelings by creating personalized mandalas. The mandalas were then displayed in the museum for friends, family, and visitors to enjoy.

Edgerley Family South Boston Club members in the Mudworks Pottery Program created ceramic tiles representing influential and inspiring community members, as well as meaningful neighborhood locations. The tiles were assembled into a mural that hangs permanently in the lobby of the Club, where members, families, and staff are able to enjoy and reflect on the importance of community.

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