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“You’re at Gillette, you’re down here among excellence. You look up and see the banners, and so to be able to run out on here as a kid, it has to be an experience like no other”

– Tommy Vaughn, Senior Vice President of Bank of America

BGCB youth gaining essential skills

Sports have an incredible power to inspire and bring people together. This was evident on a special day at Gillette Stadium, where 40 Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston members participated in the Play it Forward football clinic, hosted by Bank of America and the New England Patriots. Not only did they get to run drills on the same field as their heroes, but they also received inspiration that will stay with them for a lifetime.

The Play it Forward football clinic focused on fundamentals of the game and life skills. Patriots’ legend Kevin Faulk spoke to BGCB members, sharing stories from his decorated career and emphasizing values like anticipation, focus and resiliency. He was joined by former teammate Matt Chatham, as the two NFL veterans mentored and motivated the next generation. The kids got the full Gillette Stadium experience, touring special member-only areas of the stadium, the visiting team’s locker room, and went home with special gifts.

Jordan and Yawkey Club members

BGCB youth participants and coaches

Participating in sports provides benefits that go far beyond just exercise and fun. As evidenced by the clinic, athletics can teach perseverance, teamwork, leadership, and other skills that are applied to life off the field. Sports bring people from all backgrounds together and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves. Even though only a small percentage of kids grow up to be pro athletes, the lessons learned through youth sports make a lasting impact.

Physical activity is vital for proper growth and healthy development. At Boys & Girls Club of Boston, we provide critical opportunities for our members to stay active through sports and other programming. When kids engage in regular physical activity – whether it’s an individual pursuit or a team sport – they reap physical, mental, and social-emotional benefits. Being active helps manage stress, boost self-esteem, build social connections which instill healthy habits for life.

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Inspiring kids through activities like the Bank of America Play It Forward football clinic shows the tremendous power of sports. All kids deserve chances to stay active, grow personally and bond with positive mentors. This clinic was just the beginning of a lifetime of achievement on and off the field for these special young athletes.

Edgerley Family South Boston Club members inside the Patriots locker room

South Boston Club member being interviewed

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