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In this month’s Alumni Spotlight, Eddie Pistorino, an alum of Charlestown Club, shares his favorite memories as a member.

Fast Facts:

Club: Charlestown Club

Years Attended: 2014-2021

Favorite Club activity: Keystone Club, selling Christmas trees, playing pickup basketball at the Club

Club extracurriculars: Keystone Club member for 5 years, traveled to Chicago for Keystone Club’s conference in 2017.

Current Occupation: Student at Connecticut College

In His Own Words:

What qualities and daily skills did you learn from your Club?

I learned a lot of important skills from Charlestown Boys & Girls Club that are valuable life skills I can carry with me day to day. Some major skills I learned are to have a good work ethic and be able to work well with others. As a member of Keystone Club, I was able to learn these skills early on and use them not only while I was a club member but throughout high school and even now as a college student.

Another valuable skill the Charlestown Club taught me was to always set a good example, especially for younger members when we volunteer our time helping younger members of the Club. This is a skill I try to keep in mind everyday. I was also able to take my driver’s education class at the Club which helped out a lot when I was trying to get my license.

Who was a mentor that made an impact in your life? 

Some mentors from the Charlestown Club that have made an impact on my life are John Killoran, Derek Gallagher, and Sharon Fidler. They all helped me out a lot by doing things like writing recommendations for college applications, prep school, and scholarships, and just making the Club a fun environment to go to after school during the week and in the summers to unwind and be with your friends.

How has the Club led you to what you’re currently studying?

I think my Club experience and the help I’ve received throughout the years has definitely led me to where I currently am as a college student. I used to go once a week in high school for extra help in math with a tutor the Charlestown Club provided to me for free. The availability of scholarships I could apply for as a Club member in my senior year of high school also definitely led to where I am now. I was selected as a recipient for the Myra H. Kraft Giving Back scholarship through Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston which I am very grateful for, as it is a huge help in allowing me to continue my education at Connecticut College.

What advice do you have for younger members? 

Make sure to take advantage of what the Club has to offer for you because they are there to help and want what’s in the best interest for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to any of your staff members because that’s what they are there for.

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