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In this month’s Alumni Spotlight, Sarah Mogan, an alum of Edgerley Family South Boston Club, shares her favorite memories as a member.

Fast Facts:

Club: Edgerley Family South Boston Club

Years Attended: 2008-2020

Favorite Club activity: swimming, art in the Discovery room, and music 

Current occupation: Student at Lesley University

Club extracurriculars: I was in the Harmaniacs (Club band) and went on a music therapy service trip to the Cayman Islands in July 2017. I was in the two plays that performing arts put on: Lion King, where I played Scar, and Annie, where I played Miss Hannigan. I was a part of swim team in my younger years, and eventually became a lifeguard and assistant coach. I was in Keystone Club from my freshman year till my senior year, and was Keystone President my junior and senior year. I was a part of the Explore India program. I won the Myra H. Kraft Award in 2017, the Frederic C. Church Award in 2020, as well as the Myra H. Kraft Giving Back Scholarship in 2020.

In Her Own Words:

What qualities and daily skills did you learn from your Club?

The staff at the Club have helped me move out of my comfort zone and be comfortable with being uncomfortable in a positive way, from performing in front of hundreds of people, to trying new activities, having new and more responsibilities, and even leaving the country for two weeks.

This past year finally being on campus and navigating my first internship, I found myself in a lot of new and unfamiliar situations that were often out of my comfort zone. However, I feel the Club has prepared for whatever comes my way. The Club has taught me to always take whatever challenges and hardships are thrown my way head on, because even if we don’t know it, every single one of us has the tools to solve whatever problems we are faced with.Who was a mentor that made an impact in your life? 

A mentor that has made an impact on my life is Dawnmarie Giltner. She use to be the Music Director at the Club, and is one of the main people who always pushed me to reach my fullest potential. She always supported me and made sure I knew I was capable of anything I put my mind to. She is also part of the reason I am going to school for counseling. Dawnmarie has since received her Master’s degree in music therapy. She has been and always will be such a big part of my life, and I hope to be that type of mentor for other people.

How has the Club led you to what you’re currently studying?

I am currently working towards a counseling degree so that I can become a licensed mental health counselor. In working at the Club I’ve always known I wanted to go into a profession that works with children, which is why I plan to counsel young kids and adolescents.

What advice do you have for younger members? 

Don’t compare yourself to other people. Everyone is on their own path, and does things within their own timeline, and that is okay.

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