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BGCB’s Ready to Work Summer Podcast is officially live. 

Ready to Work, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s (BGCB) workforce development initiative, has launched its own weekly podcast! Assisted by the New England Patriots’ senior media and content developer Mackenzie Knoop, BGCB Fellows are collaborating to create a new episode each week, and learning how to produce, edit, audio engineer, and conduct interviews with community leaders to learn from their reflections on leadership.

Check out the inaugural episode below featuring Greg Janey, president and owner of Janey Construction Management and Consulting Inc. Janey is a member of the Private Industry Council and the first African-American man to chair the Board of Trustees for his alma mater, Wentworth Institute of Technology. As a Roxbury native, he also shares how his success throughout his career has been guided by his mission to give back to his community and provide opportunities for others.

This summer, Ready to Work Summer Campus has virtually connected more than 60 teens and young adult alums with work experience that builds professional skills that will lead to future job opportunities, introduce them to mentors that can advise them about career pathways, and share community service opportunities. In addition, more than 80 teens and young adults have participated in speaker and mentor sessions, as well as professional skill-building opportunities. Just as importantly, Ready to Work Summer Campus will also help educate workplaces about the talent that exists in communities they may not traditionally tap to talent. 

About Ready to Work:

Ready to Work (RTW) is a BGCB workforce development initiative. RTW takes a broad and comprehensive approach to preparing teens for their entrance into the workforce, offering workforce orientations and programs catering to members’ interests. Examples of programs include the Junior Staff Program, Teamworks Program, Lifeguard Program, Technical Training & Apprenticeships, and Summer Internships.

The goal of the program is to:

    • Equip teens with valuable skills for success to enter the workforce, which may or may not require a four year college degree.
    • Develop the next generation of thinkers and problem solvers prepared to fill jobs and industries growing in Boston’s evolving economy and globally.
    • Provide youth and families of Boston and Chelsea with greater opportunities to career paths that can assist their economic mobility.
    • Create relationships and pipelines with the business community to connect oriented youth with organizations that value diversity and the development of their staff.
    • Educate workplaces about the talent that exists in communities they may not traditionally tap to talent.

For more information about the summer campus, please contact Walter Weekes Jr., BGCB’s Dana W. Smith Director of Workforce Development, at