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Club doors open to commemorate the first female BGCB Board Chair Myra H. Kraft, marking the start of safe and enriching after-school programming across all eight Clubs and YouthConnect this calendar school year.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston celebrated its Annual Myra H. Kraft Opening Day on Thursday, September 14, marking the first day Clubs open for the school year and honoring the memory of Myra H. Kraft, who served as the first female Board Chair in the history of BGCB. She was a loved and respected member of the Boston community and left behind a legacy of leadership throughout the organization.

During the opening day, BGCB Nicholas President and CEO Robert Lewis Jr, among other Board members, partners, supporters, and staff convened across the organization’s eight Club sites and greeted members as arrived from school. This tradition marks a new year of empowering children and teens to thrive in all aspects of life.

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