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Each year BGCB honors several stand out volunteers and one corporate volunteer partner that exemplify the act of service and commitment to the agency and our members. This year, Professor Susan Freeman, a Yawkey volunteer for 6 years, and David Woodall, a 3 year volunteer at Orchard Gardens, are recognized for their dedication and service. BGCB’s corporate volunteer partner honoree is Converse. BGCB’s corporate volunteer Converse is being honored for their volunteer service and support to BGCB this past year by donating and participating in both direct service and goods donations.

Professor Freeman directs, coordinates and assists in managing the robotics clubs at BGCB’s Free-Standing Clubs. The robotics program, in partnership with Northeastern University’s Service-Learning program, places college engineering students in direct work with members. The goal is to expose members to a field they may not have access to while utilizing student volunteers as mentors. Dr. Freeman consistently ensures that the NU students and club members are getting an enriching, engaging and well-run program, learning about the principals of engineering and robotics along with creating good relationships with NU students. Murray Bass, Yawkey Club Technology Director, writes that “She works tirelessly to ensure the NU engineering students remain motivated and the teams remain at the forefront of age appropriate STEM learning.”

David Woodall contacted BGCB several years ago in the hopes of volunteering with a Club’s Art program; instead he created his own. For the past 3 years, every Friday, David arrives at the Orchard Gardens Club to an eager group of youth looking forward to creating, expressing, and sharing their skills in a calm, safe and positive space.  David purchases his own supplies and has even created an easel out of an old ping pong table. Russell Lamberti, Orchard Gardens Director writes that “He offers something that normally our Club would not be able to, and provides small group instruction without disruption of regular staffing or schedules.”

BGCB’s corporate volunteer partner of the year is Converse. Throughout our partnership with Converse, the company has provided not only volunteer support from their employees but programmatic opportunities for our members. Between career days held at Converse offices, to Club service days involving Club beautification and shoe-tying workshops, Converse employees are a constant source of support to our Clubs and members. The company’s creativity and flexibility ensure all volunteer events are beneficial, innovative and fun!