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“Take advantage of the Club because that’s why it’s there, to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for it.”

– Eddie Pistorino, Charlestown Club Alumnus ‘21, student at Connecticut College  

Next in our BGCB Time Capsule Alumni of the Week series, Eddie Pistorino, alumnus of the Charlestown Club, shares his experience on Club resources that helped him further his future for life after the Club.

His Beginning

Eddie has been a proud member of the Charlestown Boys & Girls Club since 2014. He took advantage of what the Club had to offer which helped him get into Connecticut College where he is a rising junior studying government. He joined Keystone, a leadership program within Boys & Girls Clubs of America, that teaches and inspires young leaders and teaches them the necessary tools and skills needed for life after The Club. At the end of the year, Keystone Club leaders attend the annual National Keystone Conference. During his time at the Club, Eddie was able to go to Nationals in Chicago.  

Other resources he took advantage of were Ready to Work, a year-long course holding various workshops and matching members to internships related to careers that members hope to pursue in the future. He enjoyed summer camp, where he was able to go to beaches and museums as “it was a nice way to be busy before school started, Eddie says. The last resource he credits for being a huge influence on his academic career was the free tutoring services. Eddie is extremely thankful for the free tutoring services the Club had to offer. He mainly used the service for math, but it was available for any subject. 

Club to College Pipeline 

When it came to applying to college, the Club made that very easy. “They were a big help with college prep and allowing us to study,” Eddie says. With the help of the Club, Eddie was able to apply for many scholarships and was a recipient of the Myra H. Kraft Giving Back Scholarship. When it came to asking for recommendations for school or internships, Eddie didn’t hesitate to ask his Club community.  

Eddie remains connected to the Club. “Charlestown is so small, so you always see everyone walking around.” Eddie also participates in the annual road race held by the Charlestown Club.  

Eddie Pistorino, BGCB Alumnus, first member on the bottom left.

Eddie Pistorino, BGCB Alumnus, student at Connecticut College  

His mentors:  

Eddie’s mentors, John Killoran, Derek Gallagher, and Sharon Fidler are a huge part of his Club experience. When it came to Keystone, scholarship help, needing a recommendation, prep school, and just needing a fun environment to spend time with friends, Eddie knew that he could count on them.  

Some advice that Eddie has for younger members and alumni:  

“Take advantage of everything at the Club because that is why it’s there, to help everyone. So don’t be afraid to ask.”