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“My life revolved around basketball and that’s where I got my sense of self confidence from.

– Peter Norton, South Boston Alumnus, ‘59 

This week in our BGCB Time Capsule Alumni of the Week series, Peter Norton, South Boston Boys Club Alumnus, shares his Club experience attending the South Boston Boys Club.

About Peter Norton

Peter Norton is one of four brothers who attended the South Boston Boys Club before it was the Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club. After the Club, he attended Suffolk University and worked various jobs from a flight attendant to a construction worker to a South Boston detective.  

While at the Club, basketball was Peter’s favorite thing to pass time. “Basketball for me was like a duck to water.” Peter made the Boys Club Basketball team at 8 years old where he played against other members, one being the previous Mayor of Boston, Ray Flynn. 

Favorite Daily Activities 

Once Peter and his siblings got to the Boys Club every day after school, they would hit the intermediate room to play games.  They would shoot pool, play ping pong, and go swimming. The pool in the South Boston Boys Club had recently opened during Peter’s time and in his words, “It was immaculate, that pool, and so well maintained!Directly across from the Boys Club was the South Boston Girls Club and they had a splash pad where the boys, in exchange for using the splash pad, would bring a canned food item.

Giving Back 

When it comes to giving back, Peter would attend events such as the annual golf benefit. “The Boys Club was our life” (referring to him and his brothers). Along with attending the golf benefits, he would go back to the South Boston Club and donate basketballs for the athletic program. 

Peter left some wise words he was told once and carries with him forever to share with young members and alum:  

“I was told four things when I was younger: you have to do the work, tell the truth, think of other people, and life isn’t fair, so don’t feel sorry for yourself.”  

Peter Norton, South Boston Alumnus, at 8 years old playing pool

Peter Norton assisting a Boston Marathon Runner at Mile 22