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Unifying youth and bridging differences between peers are steps Brogan considers vital to achieving positive changes in society. When asked what her Personal Brand would be she says “teamwork.”  Through her swim team at the Club and in working with peers, she has seen that the best way to enable the success of individuals and groups is through cooperation.

Brogan is caring, optimistic and open minded, with the goal of creating a society where there is equal representation of people of all backgrounds. She has succeeded in her AP course work and has received the Honor Roll on numerous occasions. In addition to being a dedicated student, Brogan dedicates much of her time to serving others. This is demonstrated in the tutoring she does at school, her leadership in Keystone, her involvement in community family nights, and her participation in a service trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico through the Culture Links Limited organization. Her compassion and commitment to public service will serve her well as she pursues a degree in Nursing at UMass Boston.