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As a child in Bellevue, Washington, Bruce looked forward to attending his neighborhood Boys & Girls Club every day. His favorite memories surround the Club’s basketball court. Whether he was competing on the Club team or playing a pick-up game after finishing his homework, the court was a space for him to have fun and let loose. Playing basketball, Bruce gained confidence while learning about healthy competition and team building skills. Today when Bruce visits the Clubs for pizza parties with the kids, to volunteer, or to shoot a few hoops with members, he remembers his days as a Club kid and the support he received growing up to pursue his dreams.

Over 15 years ago, Bruce, as a former Club kid, instinctually called Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston looking for an opportunity to give back to his Boston community. A few months later, he attended his first meeting and shortly thereafter he joined the Board of Trustees—later serving as its chair—before moving onto the Board of Directors. His incredible strategic thinking and exceptional leadership skills, gained from years as an outstanding investment manager, are demonstrated at every board and committee meeting he attends. His passion for the youth of Boston is unmatched and is illustrated in his philosophy as Board Chair. He says, “We have not only the opportunity but the responsibility to invest in the youth of our city. They are the future of Boston and deserve every opportunity to succeed.” Bruce’s dedication and enthusiasm inspire fellow board members and BGCB staff to go the extra mile. Bruce will continue to lead BGCB as it works to meet its ambitious goals and set a course for the future.