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Today’s list of activities includes lyric rhyming, an original film, a paper airplane challenge, and tips for staying healthy in college. 

Friday, August 6, 2020

Welcome to week 20 and post #82 of Club at Home! We’re in week three of summer programming, and while some of our members are back at the Clubs, we know many families are at home. We want to ensure there are fun and educational activities for you wherever you are! Today, find fun and educational activities for members across all age groups, including lyric rhyming, an original film, a paper airplane challenge, and tips for staying healthy in college.  

Meet Our Nurses

Courtesy of Marnie, Charlestown Club

In order to ensure safety and good health for our members, BGCB has hired five nurses who are stationed at our Clubs during summer programming. Below, meet Marnie, Charlestown Club’s nurse!

“I grew up coming to the Charlestown Club and have priceless memories of the countless wonderful Club staff, activities, and trips, and made many of my lifelong friends here. It is great to be back here this summer to help out and see the kids getting the socialization they need—particularly after the unforeseen past few months we have all experienced. This program will certainly help these kids more than we can imagine as they move into fall—whatever that may look like!

“I currently work as a School Nurse at Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical High School in Danvers and as a part-time nurse at Putnam Place in Dorchester—a group home where young men in Department of Children and Families (DCF) custody reside as their last step before independent living.

“I really think the Directors here at the Charlestown Club did a wonderful job preparing for this program, and what I appreciate most is the care and time they took into training and preparing staff for this as well. These are certainly “unprecedented times” as we’ve all heard. The team here did a bang-up job in making sure the staff were comfortable with the policies and protocols put in place, and spent two solid weeks reviewing everything from sanitizing to designated spaces/bathrooms to hallway drills to morning health screenings. I am proud to be part of this undertaking at my old stomping ground!” 

Stay tuned for the next nurse spotlight on Tuesday.

Riddle of the Day

Courtesy of the Club at Home Team

If you took two apples from a pile of three apples, how many apples would you have?

The answer to Tuesday’s riddle: the dictionary

Tune in Tuesday to see the answer and get a new riddle!  

Courtesy of Chris, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club

Music Program Manager Chris is here with a songwriting activity! Today’s exercise focuses on rhyming. Follow along as Chris shares tips and tricks to become a better rhymer.

 For all ages.

Performing Arts
Courtesy of Andrew, Edgerley Family South Boston Club

This summer, Edgerley Family South Boston Club’s performing arts groups are working on a series of movies for their own South Boston Film Festival. Watch their first installment, entitled “Grasshoppers!”

For all ages.

Social Rec
Courtesy of Sevy, Edgerley Family South Boston Club

Social Rec Director Sevy is back for another Win It Wednesday challenge. Watch and learn how to fold a paper airplane, then see if you can land it safely on its landing strip!

For all ages.

Teen Center
Courtesy of Alex, Charlestown Club

For our recent high school graduates headed off to college in the fall, Teen Education Coordinator Alex shares some tips on staying healthy in you new environment!

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A detailed list of local resources for youth and caregivers can be found here

Resources from Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s Office for Immigrant Advancement for Boston-based immigrants affected by coronavirus can be found here.

A comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Guide from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office can be found here.

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