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Today’s list of activities includes a painting tutorial, oatmeal, blackout poetry, acapella, acting scenes, Mastermind, drum patterns, and a kindness word search.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Welcome to week 17 and post #76 of Club at Home! Find fun and educational activities for members across all age groups, including a painting tutorial, oatmeal, blackout poetry, acapella, solo acting scenes, Mastermind, drum patterns, and a kindness word search.

As our staff transitions to in-person and virtual summer programming, we’re shifting Club at Home to a new schedule. Follow along every Tuesday and Friday as we highlight our favorite content from previous months, shout out Club announcements, and share new original content. 

BGCB Summer Programming begins this Monday! To celebrate our incredible staff who have been hard at work getting our Clubs ready to reopen, check out these lip sync battles they’ve created.

Riddle of the Day

Courtesy of Jenna, Main Office staff

How does a scientist freshen her breath?

The answer to Tuesday’s riddle: because she will “let it go, let it go.”

Tune in Tuesday to see the answer and get a new riddle!  

Courtesy of Avyanie, Condon Club

Avyanie, Program Leader, walks you step by step through this tutorial on painting clouds and rainbows. Grab your art smock and supplies and follow along!  

 For all ages.

Health and Wellness
Courtesy of Grace, BGCB Staff

Learn this scrumptious baked oatmeal recipe with Grace, Senior Director of Healthy Lifestyles. Keep yourself fueled with a healthy breakfast every day this week, and stay tuned for more recipes in the future!

For all ages.

Learning Center
Courtesy of Braidie, Edgerley Family South Boston Club

Education Coordinator Braidie challenges everyone to create a type of poetry called blackout poetry. To try it, take a page from an old magazine or book (with permission from your parents) and look for themes or stand-out phrases to create a poem out of the text on the page. You can do this by using a sharpie or marker to blackout the words that you don’t need and highlight the words that you want to showcase! Think about topics or themes you’d like to share and pick articles or books you feel will help.

Check out this example on the left for some inspiration.

For all ages.



Courtesy of Jessica, Edgerley Family South Boston Club

Music Program Manager Jessica is back with Acapella Part Two! Use the app Acapella and Jessica’s tips to create your own harmonies using just your voice.

For all ages.

Performing Arts
Courtesy of BGCB Performing Arts Staff

Watch these hilarious single-actor scenes, created by our Performing Arts staff!

  • Scene 1 — Mother/ daughter by Virvioly, Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club
  • Scene 2 — Little sister/ big sister by Daylisa, Charlestown Club
  • Scene 3 — Beauty and the Beast dinner invitation by Georgia, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club

For all ages.

Social Rec
Courtesy of Dan, Charlestown Club

Dan, Social Recreation Manager, shares a tutorial for the game Mastermind! Play with the actual board game or any small pieces at home to test your strategy and luck. The game is easy to learn and great for quick rounds.

For all ages.

Teen Center
Courtesy of Jasmine, Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club, and Saaran, Yawkey Club of Roxbury

Want to work on your drumming skills? Now’s the time! Smith Family Teen Manager Jasmine teaches a quick beat/sticking activity that you can do with pencils and textbooks.

Plus, Teen Education Coordinator Saaran encourages you to practice kindness during this time! See if you can find all of the synonyms for kindness in this online word search. 

Click here to play Saaran’s kindness word search >> 


A detailed list of local resources for youth and caregivers can be found here

Resources from Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s Office for Immigrant Advancement for Boston-based immigrants affected by coronavirus can be found here.

A comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Guide from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office can be found here.

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