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Today’s list of activities includes DIY riddles, lyric rhyming, and stop-motion puzzles.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Welcome to post #96 of Club at Home! With eight of our Clubs open for learning enrichment and programming, we’re back to share our favorite remote activities from the summer, as well as some new content you can enjoy at home. Today’s activities include DIY riddles, lyric rhyming, and stop-motion puzzles.

Riddle of the Day

Courtesy of the Club at Home Team

Today, try creating your own riddle with this activity from Prodigy Game

Once your child has completed our list of riddles, take their skills to the next level with homemade riddles! Encourage your child to create their own riddles using the following steps:

1. Start with the answer: Come up with the solution to your riddle first, then work backwards to create your question. Your solution can be almost anything, but choosing a physical object is an easy way to start.

Ex. The answer to my riddle is “carrot.”

2. Brainstorm: Write down any words or phrases that could be associated with your answer. Consider: synonyms, similar things, things it does, features it has, how to describe it.

Ex. Carrots are orange with green leaves on top.

3. Think like your answer: If your answer were a person, what would they think? What would they do? How would they describe themselves? How would they see the world around them?

Ex. If I were a carrot, I might think I was wearing a green hat.

4. Think outside the sentence: Use figurative language — like a metaphor, simile, personification or hyperbole — to make comparisons or describe your answer in new ways. This is often what makes the riddle tricky for the reader to solve.

Ex. A carrot sounds like “a parrot.”

5. Write your riddle! Now that you have the backbone of your riddle, the only thing left to do is write! Use clear, descriptive language to write out your riddle, then share it with friends and family to see if they can solve it.

Ex. I’m orange, wear a green hat and sound like a parrot. What am I?

A carrot!

The answer to Tuesday’s riddle: the dictionary.

Courtesy of Duane, Charlestown Club

Music Assistant Duane makes writing lyrics that rhyme easy with this breakdown of perfect rhymes and half rhymes.

For all ages.

Teen Center
Courtesy of SidMarie, Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club

Teen Engagement and Retention Coordinator SidMarie is back with more stop-motion rebus puzzles for you to solve!

For all ages.
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A detailed list of local resources for youth and caregivers can be found here

Resources from Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s Office for Immigrant Advancement for Boston-based immigrants affected by coronavirus can be found here.

A comprehensive COVID-19 Resource Guide from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office can be found here.

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