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Every day, we check in with staff from different Clubs who share activities for members across all age groups. Today’s list of activities includes relaxation breathing, Zumba, and step-by-step instructions for making your own hand sanitizer. 

Welcome to the first post of Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s “Club at Home!” Every day, we will post content that brings Club programs, traditions, and staff into the homes of members. Our goal is to provide the same fun and educational activities to our Club members and families, even while Clubs are physically closed. 

Today, we check in with staff from three of our Clubs who share different activities for members across all age groups, including relaxation breathing, Zumba, and step-by-step instructions for making your own hand sanitizer.

We hope you have a blast as you go through our first virtual Club rotation! 

Riddle of the Day
Courtesy of Josh, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

For Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club teens, Teen Education Coordinator Skyler’s “Riddle of the Day” has become a fixture in day-to-day Club life. We’re excited to keep this tradition alive and bring brain teasers to the members and families of all Clubs as part of “Club at Home.”

Today’s Riddle: 

I’m tall when I’m young 

and short when I’m old 

What am I? 

Tune in tomorrow to see the answer and get a new riddle!  

Courtesy of Anne, Edgerley Family South Boston Club 

As we’ve all been hunkering down at home to do our part in keeping people safe, the Discovery Room pets at Edgerley Family South Boston Club have been doing the same! Today, Art Director Ms. Anne goes to the Club to feed Luigi and Michelangelo. Watch here! 

Also, try this activity at home! Family Funny Face Challenge by Art for Kids Hub. For all ages. 

Health & Wellness
Courtesy of Grace, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston 

Today’s activity is all about relaxation breathing. This lesson came to us from Grace, Senior Director of Healthy Lifestyles. She uses these breathing exercises when she needs to relax and wanted to share them with you and your family while you’re at home.  

“Relaxation breathing”  

Breathing when you are upset or have a lot on your mind can be challenging. These are good things to practice when you are sitting by yourself so when you are feeling anxious or upset, you know how to do these. 

Darth Vader Breathing – Pretend you have a straw in your mouth, suck in through the straw and breathe in. Breathe out like Darth Vader. Repeat. 

Ocean Breathing – Breathe in and imagine the wave rolling in, breathe out and imagine the wave rolling out. You can close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing that as well. Repeat.  

Smell the hot cocoa, cool the hot cocoa Breathe in through your nose like you are smelling some warm hot chocolate, breathe out through your mouth like you are blowing air to cool off hot chocolate. Repeat.  

For all ages.  

Learning Center
Courtesy of Oprah Winfrey 

Join Oprah Winfrey for online story time as she reads The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen, written by Thelma Lynne Godin and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. 

For grades K-5.

Courtesy of DP, Yawkey Club of Roxbury 

This lesson came to us from DP – Music Director at the Yawkey Club of Roxbury.  It teaches the musical concepts of quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes. He loves this lesson and thought it’d be great for you to try at home.  

Source: Smile and Learn: Musical Notation – Learning Music for Kids – The quarter note, the half note and the whole note. For ages seven to 12, or any beginner in music.

Now test your knowledge with this self-guided worksheet>>

Performing Arts
Courtesy of Daylisa, Charlestown Club 

Get active with Daylisa, who is the Performing Arts Coordinator from Charlestown Club, as a part of “Movement Mondays.” Try to keep the beat with this upbeat salsa rhythm movement. 

For all ages.

Social Recreation
Courtesy of Playworks 

Test your Rock, Paper, Scissors skills and stretching ability simultaneously in the today’s social recreation activity! 

For all ages.

Courtesy of 

Learn the basics of coding by designing and building worlds in Minecraft! Great for beginner coders! 

Click here to check out Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorials>> 

For ages 7+. 

Teen Center 
Courtesy of Jen, Yawkey Club of Roxbury 

In today’s Teen Center activity, Smith Family Teen Director Jen walks you through the steps of making your own hand sanitizer. Follow along and keep your hands clean! 

Also, don’t forget your Kaplan SAT Question of the Day


A detailed list of other helpful resources for caregivers can be found here. It includes resources for food access, financial relief funds, neighborhood support and more.  

Are you enjoying Club at Home? Tag us in pictures or videos of yourself participating or email them to and we’ll post them on BGCB social media! 

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