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Established in 1947, the Youth of the Year Award at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston recognizes Club members who have shown superior leadership, academic achievement, and service to their respective Club community. The annual program builds personal growth and leadership qualities among our young members.

Get to know Erick, Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club member and 2021 Club Youth of the Year:

Erick is described by others as a bright, resilient young man who earned the Youth of the Year title through hard work, program participation, and overall presence at the Club.  When he first joined the Club, staff played a key role welcoming him to programs. He soon began to build connections with peers through playing board games and video games. Due to his initial experience, Erick takes time to connect with new members and do his part in making them feel welcome at the Club.  He is president of Anime Club and appreciates the space it gives him and his peers to have fun, share their interests, and work on group goals.

You can find Erick creating and sharing delicious food with the intention to not only expose people to other cultures and cuisines, but to inspire them to build new connections with each other. Erick continues to invest in himself through his education, job, and the things that he is most passionate about. As a junior at Fenway High School, he is an active participant that encourages others, and always offers a helping hand. Following graduation, Erick plans on pursuing a culinary arts degree at Merrimack College and aspires to write a novel with a focus on science fiction and his love of cooking.

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