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“The constant rotation of the Center is beautiful, and the culture of the older members giving their younger peers guidance ensures the Club’s future success. Four years ago, I was being motivated by our older peers within the Club to achieve better for myself and the others in my inner circle, but now I am the older leader.” – Alejandro, 2022 Josh Kraft Mattapan Teen Center Youth of the Year

Established in 1947, the Youth of the Year Award at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB) recognizes Club members who have shown superior leadership, academic achievement, and service to their respective Club community. The annual program builds personal growth and leadership qualities among our young members.

Get to know Alejandro, Josh Kraft Mattapan Teen Center’s 2022 Youth of the Year:

Alejandro has been a member of Josh Kraft Mattapan Teen Center since his freshman year of high school and has taken advantage of the many opportunities the Clubs have to offer. He has thrived in the many roles he has had as a leader, from the music program and producing beats to assisting with planning Club events and performing at Mattapan Teen Center’s Block Party. Alejandro has also been involved in Keystone Club, Ready to Work, and was Creative Director of MTC’s first-ever fashion launch. MTC staff are honored to have Alejandro represent them as their Youth of the Year, and are all confident that he will continue to make a lasting, positive impact.

Alejandro with Josh Kraft Mattapan Teen Center Director Rick Aggeler

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Alejandro is described as “the friend you want your kids to have.” His passion for all that he does is evident in the way that he shares his interests with others and actively recruits peers so they too can have the positive experiences that he has had. This fall, Alejandro will attend Bunker Hill Community College and University of Massachusetts Lowell for audio engineering.

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