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By Alex Mitchell

We finally made it to India today, and despite being on very low sleep, the energy was high. The group started the day with some ice breakers that involved learning names, fun games and a dance party. Even though everyone knows each other quite well at this point, our No Barriers Expedition Leader Neha who we met here in India didn’t really know any of our names. These games weren’t only good for her but were of great benefit to us all simply because we were all tired and it was a great way to start the day.

Our first real experience in India was at the Gandhi Memorial, rightfully so since he had such an impact on India’s fight for independence and civil rights.  This experience was very impactful for me; prior to coming to India I knew a lot about Gandhi, including seeing most on the movie based on his life. Being in India is a whole different story. To actually be standing in the same room where he spent his last 144 days or being on the same field where he was assassinated is just an unreal experience, and I am very fortunate to be able to have it.

We ended the day at the Iskon Temple, where many people were praying and observing such as we were. This Hindu temple was extremely large and caught me by surprise. Back in Boston the temples are a lot smaller than the one we attended.  As well as observing prayer, we also walked through the Krishna art Gallery they had on display. Each and every photo displaying one or many of the traits Krishna is known for. All in all, a great first day and I can’t wait for many more experiences while in India.