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By Jonathan Neal

The day started around 9:30AM when we left our hotel to go to Fidelity Investments in the nearby high-tech city, Gurgaon. I expected the Fidelity visit to be just a regular tour, but it turned out to be the total opposite. It was fun, interactive, informative and engaging. I didn’t have to worry about there being a dull moment where I wasn’t interested. I learned about various careers at a large company. I got to experience advanced software security and learn about programs that make businesses more efficient.

One moment from Fidelity that really stuck out was a team building activity where we had to find a way to put 16 nails on top of one nail. We had to use everyone’s strengths in the group to work together to be able to complete the task. It took a lot of humility to succeed. The entire group got to make new connections and learn what the world of business is like. It was an experience I really appreciated.

After Fidelity, we went to the Lotus Temple. We were instructed to educate ourselves about this site. Then we got the chance to become a tour guide and share the information that we learned with the group. We had to go to the information center and our job was to learn about the Bahai religion as well as the architecture of this unique building. Going inside the temple made me feel more open because everyone there was welcomed to engage in silent prayer, no matter which religion they were a part of. This showed a glimpse of the religious diversity and tolerance in India.