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By Jordan Milton

Today was AMAZING! We met again with Asan Memorial Secondary School to
learn about environmental issues in India. We watched an interesting movie on pollution in Chennai lakes.  We used the information from the video to create an idea for a mural that we would create later in the day. I was in a group with Saliim and two Asan School students. We decided to come up with a simple but easy to understand concept about the dangers of plastics and dumping trash into the lakes. Then we got to work on the wall outside.

We spent 90 minutes painting our beautiful mural depicting a man dumping his trash in the lake and a dead fish. After all that hard work, we ate lunch as a group and played some group games. Eventually, we had to clean up from all the fun we had earlier. The day ended with a bang, because we ended up playing some of the students we met in a cricket match. Most of us had never played this sport so of course, we lost terribly. However, it was still fun to have the exchange with our Indian peers and spend the day on a service project learning about how to make the environment cleaner.