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“Even now I think back like wow, if I didn’t take this opportunity like Omar or Anthony told me to, I wouldn’t have been on the path that I’m on now.

– Tim B., Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club Member

Tim’s story is a testament to the transformative power of supportive communities and opportunities tailored to ignite passion and purpose in youth.

His journey from a curious child at Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club to an aspiring ophthalmologist showcases how dedication, mentorship, and hands-on experience can pave the way for a bright future. This narrative not only highlights Tim’s personal growth and aspirations but also showcases the invaluable role that Boys & Girls Clubs play in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. 

“Tim is positive, he’s a leader, he’s outgoing. The kids all like him, he’s personable and gets to know knew members. He’s a good guy,” says Gina Centrella, Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club’s Kraft Family Executive Director

Discovering a Passion for Ophthalmology

A pivotal moment in Tim’s educational journey occurred during a class on human body systems, where he dissected a horse’s eye. Seeing the horse’s retina intrigued him in a way that he had never experienced before.  

“I saw the retina and I thought that was really cool and didn’t know it had that coloration and I just found it super interesting,” Tim recalls.  

This experience was not merely an academic exercise; it was the spark that ignited Tim’s passion for ophthalmology.   

Tim B. and BGCB Consultant, Amber Reese, reviewing Tim’s pre-college application

The Influence of the Club in Tim’s Journey to Ophthalmology

At six years old, Tim began attending BGCB, where one of his friends raved about all the activities available at the Club. It was here that Tim was able to unlock his passion for helping others. Tim truly cares about the Club Community and loves to be a part of it.  

Tim’s involvement in the Keystone Club and Ready to Work at BGCB was instrumental in honing his professional skills and work ethic. Keystone Club, a leadership development program, provided him with a platform to engage in community service projects, enhancing his sense of responsibility and commitment to giving back.  

“His confidence has really shown a lot, through the years of being at the Club and trying these different opportunities and programs, he’s really built his confidence up,” explained Omar Limas, Jordan Club Teen Director. 

The Ready to Work initiative was crucial in preparing Tim for the professional world. It instilled in him the confidence to navigate interviews and interact with supervisors effectively, skills that proved invaluable during his internship at Mass Eye and Ear 

“It was definitely a huge help with how I speak to my boss or who I’m being interviewed by because it’s a program that prepares you for that type of situation,” Tim describes. 

“When I was sitting at Mass Eye and Ear, I felt ready, and it felt really good to be ready and know what I was doing,” Tim remembers.

Inspiring Mentors: Nurturing Potential with Heart and Dedication

“At the Club there’s a bunch of staff who are very helpful and inspiring. They supported me and made me feel like they genuinely wanted me to succeed and make it in life,” Tim explains.  

Key figures such as Omar Limas, Jordan Club Teen Director, and Anthony Rubiera, Teen Career Pathways Manager, played a significant role in Tim’s development. 

Tim B. snowboarding with the BGCB Ski and Snowboard Club

Their encouragement and guidance were pivotal to Tim’s success. They saw potential in Tim and pushed him to explore opportunities he initially resisted, laying the groundwork for his future successes. 

“You would think that they’re just doing their job and telling you to do stuff because they have to, but the staff here really make you feel like you’re important and like you matter,” said Tim. 

Tim originally did not want to be involved in Ready to Work. He felt it was going to be too many Zoom meetings and not enough engagement. Ultimately, Omar convinced him that it was the right program for him. Omar knew Tim would regret not being in Ready to Work when he got older.  

“Even now I think back like wow, if I didn’t take this opportunity like Omar or Anthony told me to, I wouldn’t have been on the path that I’m on now,” Tim says. 

Learning and Growing at Mass Eye and Ear

Tim’s internship at Mass Eye and Ear was a defining chapter in his journey. Starting at the front desk, he quickly became an indispensable support to patients with mobility and vision challenges. This experience was far more than a job; it was an opportunity to delve into the world of ophthalmology firsthand.  

“In the beginning of it I didn’t really feel like it was going to impact me that much but after the first week I started to notice that I could get the chances to talk to different doctors about different careers in the medical field,” explained Tim. 

Conversations with seasoned doctors expanded his understanding of the field and solidified his desire to pursue this path. Tim’s internship was a transformative experience that bridged his academic interests with real-world applications, fueling his ambition to contribute to the medical field. 

Tim B. and friend at Jordan Boys & Girls Club

Preparing for the Future: The Tufts Precollege Program

Looking ahead, Tim is set to participate in BGCB’s Pathways the Bridge to Health Care Careers Program where this summer he will be attending our partner Tufts University’s Pre- College Program. This opportunity represents another step forward in his journey, promising to enrich his knowledge and skills in a collegiate environment. Tim’s excitement about learning from new people and networking indicates his proactive approach to education and career planning.  

Compared to his previous internship at Mass Eye and Ear, Tim’s summer Pre-College Program is set to be even more hands on. He will be working in labs getting into the clinical side of the medical facility, which he is looking forward to.  

“I’m definitely really excited for this experience and being able to live and study at Tufts University, which is a great college for the medical field,” explained Tim. “I think that I’m going to get so much out of it, even from just talking with my peers, it’s really going to be a good learning experience and it’s going to give me knowledge that I am going to use in the future.

Tim B. shares his experience from starting at The Club to his professional internship at Mass Eye and Ear.

Workforce Readiness at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

Tim’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of youth programs like Ready to Work Healthcare Pathways. 

 “It’s one of the biggest programs right now throughout the agency (BGCB) and I think it’s cool that they get to learn these real-world skills at such a young age,” explained Omar Limas, Jordan Club Teen Director. 

As Tim continues to pursue his dreams, his journey serves as an inspiration to other teens at the Club to explore programs and seize every opportunity for growth. His path from the Club to a promising career in ophthalmology underscores the vital role that supportive environments, dedicated staff, and impactful internships play in shaping the futures and careers of young individuals. 

Tim B. along with other Ready to Work Teens and Omar Limas, Teen Director

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