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I’ve been a part of Jordan Boys & Girls Club for nearly a decade. It’s been a formative experience for me, laying the foundation for leadership skills and community engagement. It’s a place where I’ve built long-lasting friendships and connected with important mentors in my life, truly finding a home away from home.” – Leslie, 2022 Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston Youth of the Year

Established in 1947, the Youth of the Year Award at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB) recognizes Club members who have shown superior leadership, academic achievement, and service to their respective Club community. The annual program builds personal growth and leadership qualities among our young members.

Get to know Leslie, BGCB and Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club Youth of the Year:

Leslie is known as someone who demonstrates leadership beyond the Club and classroom. She is an active member in her community who advocates for change. Through her commitment, drive, and passion for learning, she has had an overall rewarding Club experience. In addition, she does not take for granted the healthy, lifelong relationships that she gained through her Club journey.

Leslie at Gerald and Darlene Jordan Club

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She is a friend, peer, and classmate that inspires and encourages others, and she does this without judgement, and with the heart that true leaders possess. Leslie has been actively involved in several different Club programs, including Keystone, Native America Travel Program, and Ready to Work. Through the Club, she has come to see her city through a different lens while understanding the powerful impact of unity, career readiness, and gaining knowledge around financial literacy. Following graduation from Community Charter School of Cambridge, Leslie will be studying at Yale University, where she will pursue an education in activism and social justice.

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