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“The Boys & Girls Club means family; it is a home. It is a place where everyone feels welcome and loved. It is a place of support, opportunities, and chances. The Club gave me a love for music, sports, and made me a better person. It is my home away from home.”

– Ariana, Charlestown’s 2023 Youth of the Year

Established in 1947, the Youth of the Year Award at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB) recognizes Club members who have shown superior leadership, academic achievement, and service to their respective Club community. The annual program builds personal growth and leadership qualities among our young members.

Get to know Ariana, Charlestown’s 2023 Youth of the Year:

Ariana is known for being friendly and kind in her Club. Through participating in Stand Strong and Girls Group, other members see her as a mentor and welcoming presence to be around. Ariana discovered her love for music and greatly appreciated the Charlestown Music staff who helped her find this passion within herself. She loves sports and has played volleyball, basketball, and softball. Ariana is a junior at Charlestown High School and hopes to pursue a career in athletic training in the future.

Ariana, Charlestown’s 2023 Youth of the Year

Ariana, Charlestown’s 2023 Youth of the Year at BGCB’s Main Office

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Defining Ariana’s Identity:

Being mixed race, Ariana worked to define her racial identity outside of what the world prescribes for her. She is proud of where her family is from and loves to educate others about her Hispanic heritage.

Charlestown Youth of the Year Ariana’s Takeover (2023):

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