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My message is: be yourself, love yourself, and once you have those tactics down, you can go as far as you want. The only person standing in your path to success, is you.” – Brielle, Edgerley Family South Boston Club and Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s 2023 Youth of the Year

Established in 1947, the Youth of the Year Award at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB) recognizes Club members who have shown superior leadership, academic achievement, and service to their respective Club community. The annual program builds personal growth and leadership qualities among our young members.

Get to know Brielle, BGCB and Edgerley Family South Boston Club Youth of the Year:

For 11 years, Brielle has been a member of the Edgerley Family South Boston Club. She credits the Club as the place where she made lifelong friends, overcame challenges, developed critical life skills, and “learned to embrace my inner self and unlock my true potential.”

“I’m very grateful for my Club giving me the space to be myself and giving others the space to be themselves. Knowing that at the Boys & Girls Club you have someone in your support corner, at all times, is the best thing that you need. Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you that you can do it, and it can take you a really long and far way.”

Brielle with Mayor Michelle Wu

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Developing Social-Emotional Skills Thanks to a Mentor

Brielle describes staff member Jen as her role model, someone who “makes me feel safer knowing that someone is willing to be there for me and assist me in making better life decisions. … Learning how to channel my emotions and thoughts into something positive helped me grow as a person.”

Brielle has taken on leadership roles in programs such as Keystone, and Ready to Work, and as a Teen Associate staff member. She plans to bring the communication and team-building skills she learned at the Club into her senior year of high school and as she pursues her goal of a career in pediatric medicine.

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