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The houseboats were amazing! We were told to enjoy the view and just reflect on life during the ride. Personally I was just thinking about the opportunities I have compare to a lot of the children in India I’ve seen who don’t have those same opportunities. The view of the land and the water was beautiful. All of the different types of birds and trees, the people, it was life changing. The food we had was grilled fish, rice, chapatti and tea. Our chef was great along with the food it was such a great experience that I will probably never have again.

After eating we all stayed downstairs (our boat had two levels) with my friends and enjoyed more of the view and just talked about everything that was important to us.  We asked questions, sang music and really enjoyed ourselves. Adonis got to steer our boat around which was a bit scary for me. My favorite part of the whole day was when a man on a boat was selling ice cream because it was a very hot day and I decided to buy 6 of them. He had a little motor boat and zoomed right up to the side of our much larger boat.

After eating dinner and heading upstairs we had a lip sync battle and everyone from each boat came on ours while we all just laughed and enjoyed the music. We practiced our dance that we would have to perform at Don Bosco, the orphanage for school-aged boys, and then we all went to sleep in the early morning hours. The houseboats where a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don’t think I’ll ever have another chance to be with friends in another country and enjoy myself the way I did. It was my favorite part of the whole trip because everyone bonded and just had a good time.