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Aquatics Director Traverse Robinette, also known among members as “Coach Trav,” recruite recent Gerald and Darlene Jordan Boys & Girls Club alumnae, Deedee, Yasmine, and Natalia, to the Club swim team during their first day at the Club. Although they were apprehensive at first, they gained confidence every time they beat a personal record or moved on to a new swim level, and started building a framework for achievement which would guide them through high school. Their long list of aquatics accomplishments includes competing at national competitions in Florida, becoming certified scuba divers, and serving as lifeguards and swim coaches at the Club.

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“When I swim, I don’t think about anything,” explained Deedee, reminiscing on her nine years as an active member at the Club. Throughout high school, the Richard A. Voke Pool served as an invaluable reprieve from the copious amounts of schoolwork each teen balanced with their part-time jobs and extracurricular activities. They always found time to squeeze in a visit to the Club to receive advice from their coach, burn off steam during swim team practice, or work as a lifeguard.

Coach Trav finds himself lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such outstanding individuals, “I can always rely on them. They are consistent, hard workers, with amazing attention to detail.” All of these traits are serving them undoubtedly well as first-year college students this year: Deedee at Dartmouth College, Natalia at Harvard, and Yasmine at Princeton.

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