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The young men of Edgerley Family South Boston Club didn’t know what to expect as they filed into the Lovett-Woodsum Performing Arts Center. Club Director of Operations Tim Bothwell only disclosed that they would be “receiving a visit from a special guest.” When New England Patriots star cornerback Stephon Gilmore stepped into the auditorium and flashed a big smile, an atmosphere of joy and excitement swept across the room.

Stephon was joined on the Bryan Rafanelli Stage by renowned Boston barber Josh Pereira, who founded the Title Town Barbershop.

With a program message centered around how building habits like regular personal care and grooming can go a long way in establishing confidence in the life of a young man, Stephon and John were joined by a team of barbers who provided haircuts at the end of the program.

Making Good Choices as a Young Man

The event’s program featured a Q&A between Gilmore and Pereira, covering Gilmore’s journey to the NFL and the role that healthy decision making and role models have played throughout. Gilmore shared how his mother and father have both been positive influences throughout his entire life, and gave them credit for his ability to focus on improvement in the classroom and on the football field over the many other distractions that young men are facing in the world today.

Gilmore and Pereira covered a wide range of other topics, including Gilmore’s personal grooming routine and his experience as a member at a Boys & Girls Club. At the conclusion of their discussion, the floor was opened up for members to ask their own questions to Gilmore directly.

The Best Men Can Be

Gillette and the NFL have partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States to promote the idea that simple, daily personal grooming choices can help young men feel their best, so they can also achieve their best. Through this partnership, celebrated athletes of good character are visiting Clubs as role models who are making a difference in their communities and inspiring the next generation of men.

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