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If we want to address the issues of academic success, reading, writing, and math for our youth, we have to make sure we feed them healthy food.

– Robert Lewis, Jr., Nicholas President and CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

In the spirit of community, compassion, and commitment to address food insecurity this holiday season, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston recently held its annual Edgerley Day of Service. Held at the Yawkey Club of Roxbury, this event brought together almost 200 dedicated volunteers to assemble 2,000 bags of nutritious food donated by Shaw’s Supermarkets and Star Market. This marked a significant milestone for BGCB, with the number of bags assembled quadrupling compared to previous years.  

Major Milestones from the Edgerley Day of Service:




Bags packed


Pounds of groceries

Edgerly Day of Service volunteers 

I’m incredibly grateful for the work that we all do in partnership. No one person, no one elected official can solve this problem, it takes all of us working together and realizing we’re stronger as a community when we’re all thriving and able to have our basic needs.

Ruthzee Louijeune, Boston City Councilor, At-Large 

BGCB’s success in fighting food insecurity this holiday season is a testament to the power of partnership. The organization’s extensive network of staff, board members, advisors, friends, council members, and corporate sponsors joined forces to ensure consistent access to nutritious food for our members across all eight Clubs and YouthConnect. The Edgerley Day of Service is dedicated to Sandra M. Edgerley for her remarkable 25+ years of service to BGCB. As the Board Chair from 2005-2010, Sandra played a vital role in shaping the organization and inspiring others to contribute to the well-being of the communities it serves. 

Yawkey Club of Roxbury staff 

Addressing the Issue of Food Insecurity:

As of September 2023, an estimated 21.9% of households with children are facing food insecurity. This issue not only impacts physical health but also has profound effects on emotional well-being and academic performance and BGCB recognizes the urgency of this situation and remains steadfast in its commitment to providing sustainable solutions for our members and communities. 

Learn more about how this issue impacts our community: 3 Things to Know About Food Insecurity in Boston this Holiday Season.

Holiday Gift Drive Highlights:

To further address the needs of Boston’s communities, BGCB also ran its annual Holiday Gift Drive. Thanks to the strength of BGCB’s community the organization gifted over 1,000 toys, gift cards, and supplies to our members and their families across all eight Clubs and YouthConnect program this holiday season. 

BGCB’s nurturing and caring staff made the Club spaces look and feel festive with holiday decorations, music and food, and holiday gatherings were organized to thoughtfully distribute the gifts to each member. These important resources prepare our bright youth for their education and futures. No matter what challenges members may face in their lives, they find trusted adult mentors, relentless positivity, meaningful friendships, and life-enriching opportunities whenever they open the doors to our Clubs. As BGCB continues to provide welcoming spaces, enriching programs, and endless opportunities for our members and families, gifting our members with toys, gift cards, and other supplies helps them feel confident and equipped to pursue their goals and interests.  

Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s Edgerley Day of Service and Holiday Gift Drive are examples of the positive impact that can be achieved when communities unite for a common cause.

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