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Tayo’s ability to be a strong leader comes from the fact that he has taken every opportunity presented to him, and understands the importance of having a variety of engaging experiences. His spirit and selflessness are recognized by his peers in school and at the Club. Noticing the “me” culture of his generation, Tayo emphasizes the importance of spaces such as the Club that foster community, integration and involvement. His talent as an orator has led him to have many public speaking opportunities, from the Yawkey Club’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast to being a guest speaker for a BGCB Board Meeting.

Tayo is confident, comfortable engaging with peers from all walks of life, and most importantly passionate about being a public servant. Tayo has worked as a summer intern for both Fidelity Investment and MFS Investment Management. His involvement in his debate team at Boston Latin Academy and enrollment in AP courses are testaments to his dedication to his studies. Tayo plans to continue his studies at Morehouse College next fall and obtain a degree in Managerial Business.