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“Knowing firsthand how the Club impacted my life, I began volunteering in hopes of contributing to the future generations in hopes they share that same experience.” – Amar Register, Alumni Volunteer of the Year


Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB) celebrates our volunteers with love and gratitude for the time they generously give to our youth, families, and communities. Whether helping with homework, shooting hoops in the gym, or supporting youth as they strengthen their public speaking skills, volunteers make a generational impact that creates a better tomorrow for Boston and Chelsea.

To all of our volunteers—thank you for choosing to walk through our Club doors with the intention to be nothing short of your best. Thank you for greeting members by name as they walk through the Club doors each day. Thank you for your consistency, your time, and for your contributions to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.

This year, we are excited to announce three awards: Individual Volunteer of the Year, Corporate Volunteer of the Year, and Alumni Volunteer of the Year.

Individual Volunteer of the Year: Courtney Williams

How does Courtney’s work impact the Club, members, staff, and community?

Courtney helps young people that frequent Yawkey Club of Roxbury and participate in its Manny Wilson Basketball League. Manny Wilson Basketball League’s goal is to teach the fundamentals of basketball: dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The program helps these athletes develop skills on the basketball court, academic acumen in the classroom, and ethics along with positive character throughout life.

As a role model for dedication, hard work, and volunteer service, Courtney is teaching youth how to become leaders in the community who understand the importance of teamwork.

When Yawkey Club of Roxbury’s gym was under renovation at the height of the basketball season, he consistently showed up to help the Manny Wilson Basketball League stay on course by running practices at Orchard Gardens Boys & Girls Club. Courtney made sure he was there for our members and parents who had to adjust to the temporary location. Because of his commitment and passion, program enrollment remained consistent.

How does Courtney embody the mission and core values of BGCB?

Courtney’s contributions to the day-to-day operations of our organization are guided by Club staff, members, and parents, who remain at the forefront of every decision he makes as a volunteer. His passion for the program is contagious. More importantly he encourages members to demonstrate their best selves on and off the basketball court.

It doesn’t go unnoticed that Courtney unselfishly donates his time and energy in service to our youth and gives everything he can to help the Club members create community and skills that will ensure great futures.


Corporate Volunteer of the Year: BlackRock

How does BlackRock’s work impact the Club, members, staff, and community?

BlackRock has volunteered across our Clubs in Boston and Chelsea delivering valuable skill-based workshops to our members. These workshops are thoughtfully designed and build off the leadership and essential skills teens are cultivating at the Club. These workshops include creating habits, public speaking, networking, and in-person communication skills. BlackRock delivers these workshops in a way that builds trust and rapport with members and staff, who are always eager to invite BlackRock back.

BlackRock has also welcomed members to their Boston office for mentorship and career exploration opportunities, as well as sponsored experiences for members such as a tour of Fenway Park, and more. BlackRock has been a consistent, high-energy partner to BGCB and continues to think of creative, meaningful ways to engage with our members and staff.

How does BlackRock embody the mission and core values of BGCB?

BlackRock continues to create opportunities, exposure, and access to our members, and always works with the team to put the members first. All of the BlackRock employees who have volunteered over the last couple years are passionate about the work of BGCB and it shows through how present and engaged they are with the members. BlackRock employees have become part of the BGCB community in a number of different ways – through volunteering, 1:1 mentorship, Friends Council fundraising, and running in the 127th Boston Marathon in support of BGCB.


Alumni Volunteer of the Year: Amar Register

Describe why you continue to donate your time to the Club, members, staff, and community.

Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club was my second home. I started attending the Club in 1996 (just a year after its opening) and rarely missed a day during my adolescence. As a youth I enjoyed every program area, participated in countless programs, and worked as a Young Leader and Junior Staff. As an adult, I served as the Technology Assistant.

I’m currently a volunteer, mentor, and Advisory Board member. I like to believe I’ve experienced Blue Hill in every capacity besides as a parent. After leaving my position at Blue Hill I would often visit and ask Carl about ways I could stay connected and give back. The Club exposed me to so much growing up that I don’t know where I would be if I was never involved. Knowing firsthand how the Club impacted my life, I began volunteering in hopes of contributing to the future generations so that they can share that same experience. In a way I aspire to be a positive influence on members like the staff were to me.

Being a tenured member of the Club community, I have a large network of alumni, families, and former staff. I always believed that uniting our community can start a powerful movement and uplift one another. I aspire to unite our community and create positive changes.

How does Amar embody the mission and core values of BGCB?

Amar is very passionate about the Club and it shows through every interaction he has, from chatting with current BGCB Alum to serving as a Youth of the Year judge, his love for this organization shines through. Amar is a Local Advisory Board member for the Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club and shows up to every volunteer event that he commits to. Not only is he reliable and ready to volunteer, he connects with other alum so that they can stay connected or reconnect through volunteerism.

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