Developing the next generation of thinkers and problem solvers.

Ready to Work (RTW) is a Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston Workforce Development Initiative. The goal of the program is to:

  • Equip teens with valuable skills for success to enter the workforce, which may or may not require a four year college degree.
  • Develop the next generation of thinkers and problem solvers prepared to fill jobs and industries growing in Boston’s evolving economy and globally.
  • Provide youth and families of Boston and Chelsea with greater opportunities to career paths that can assist their economic mobility.
  • Create relationships and pipelines with the business community to connect oriented youth with organizations that value diversity and the development of their staff.
  • Educate workplaces about the talent that exists in communities they may not traditionally tap to talent.

Growth Mindset: Understand that intelligence can be developed and your skillsets can always grow.
Accountability: Accept responsibility for your actions and performance.
Respect: Treat others and yourself with kindness, sincerity & professionalism.
Collaboration: Work with others, or within a group to produce positive outcomes.
Network: Create professional relationships and identify mentors to remain connected to on your future journey.

Ready to Work takes a broad and comprehensive approach to preparing teens for their entrance into the workforce, offering workforce orientations and programs catering to members’ interests.

To learn more about our RTW Orientation, Junior Staff Program, Teamworks Program, Lifeguard Program, Technical Training & Apprenticeships, and Summer Internships, explore the listings below.

BGCB is grateful for the resources and expertise of partners in our communities, allowing BGCB to maximize our impact through efficient collaborations. Last year, we worked with nearly 200 program partners agency-wide.

The local business community, including banks, financial services, hotels, universities, technology, and health care institutions opened their doors to our members for our workforce exposure efforts including job-shadowing, mock interviews, financial literacy programs, career forums, and internships.

BGCB continuously works with these program partners to help develop innovative programs that anticipate and provide critical skills for our future workforce. BGCB values the partnerships in place, while recognizing the opportunity to create and connect additional opportunities and support to our members.

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RTW University

Job readiness training modules and skills assessments to identify careers, talents, and interest are combined with live workshops focused on soft skills, collaborative activities, and understanding resources and support systems available as members of BGCB.

Junior Staff

Offering internal opportunities to develop confidence in the workplace and mentor younger members through daily interactions. Departments include, but aren’t limited to, Social Recreation, School Age Education, Technology, Athletics, Kitchen and Aquatics for lifeguards.


Places cohorts of teens in unique jobs or meaningful entry-level employment experiences with community partners. On-the-job mentoring and skills development is a key component for progress and team building/networking opportunities among peers and professionals.


One of the most in-demand and highest-paying jobs a teen can be employed in statewide. They learn all of the skills required and are certified as Lifeguards at their own Club.

Technical Training

Provides members with gainful employment advantages via credentialed certifications, pre-apprenticeships classes, and dual enrollment courses with local community colleges.

Summer Internships

Provides opportunities to add to work experience, strengthen professional networks, and connect with industry-based mentors to further their career exploration and build their resume.

of families served report annual household income $33k or less
jobs and internships secured for teens
in total salary earned by Junior Staff employed at BGCB Clubs

Ready to Work Virtual Campus

Ready to Work's virtual campus is actively facilitating internships, professional development opportunities, and community service projects for Club teens and alumni across Boston.

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